Letter To Hoagland From A Geologist

Indiana University Department of Geology 1005 East Tenth Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Clifford Ambers, Box 18

Tel. No.812-331-2765

March 6, 1989

The Mars Mission P.0. Box 981 Wytheville, VA 24382

Dear Sirs:

Last night I listened to Sunday Night Live, a talk show broadcast by WFBQ Indianapolis, which featured Richard Hoagland sharing his thoughts about the Cydonia site on Mars. As an Earth scientist concerned about our planet, I commend you for your effort to investigate the possibilities of ancient life on Mars and instigate the critical test of your hypothesis through our government. I feel you have the vision that all men must acquire if we are to survive.

I have written Congressman Bill Nelson [Chairman, Space sub-Committee, under Congressman Roe's full House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, --[see POLITICS]-- asking for his help in assuring the investigation of the Cydonia region in 1993. So that I might communicate your problem to my fellow scientists here at Indiana University and engage their support, I would like you to send me any information you have available that would be useful in educating them about your investigation. I am sure they will be receptive and help all they can.

Keep up the good science and, again, thanks for your efforts.


Clifford Ambers