Geologist Writes Congressman Bill Nelson

Indiana University Department of Geology 1005 East Tenth Street

Bloomington, Indiana 47401

Clifford Ambers, Box 18

Tel. No.812-331-2765

March 6, 1989

Congressman Bill Nelson Chairman, House sub-Committee on Space Science and Applications U.S. Congress

Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

I have recently become informed by reading and radio of the efforts of a group [called "the Mars Mission" in Virginia, trying] to discern the origin of certain features in the Cydonia region of Mars. The thrust of this organization being the betterment of mankind and revelation of the truth so closely follows my own scientific ideals that I was impelled to write you and ask for your support in their investigation of the Cydonia "ruins." Please do whatever is in your power to obtain legislation that will allow the 1993 Mars [Observer] orbiter to collect detailed imagery of the Cydonia site on Mars. We (the people) want to and have the right to know if the site is the remains of a development by ancient extraterrestrial beings. We want any benefits the

site may yield for our race, if it is indeed a ruin. Help our tax dollars

work for us and . . . [reveal] the true nature of the Cydonia site.

This is an important issue to me, and knowing that the test of the hypotheses [of the Mars Mission] are as simple as a turn of the camera on the Mars orbiter makes me more certain their claims should be investigated and

made public as the information is generated. Please do not allow petty considerations of NASA employees or private interests [to] rob us of this information.

You have been in the shuttle and have experienced our Earth like I will probably never be able to. I implore you to call on your world view and do what needs to be done to complete this investigation and get the results out

to the world.

I will be discussing this problem with my fellow scientists and friends

at Indiana University in the near future. I suspect you will be hearing from them.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Clifford Ambers