The "Message of Cydonia":

First Communication from an Extraterrestrial Civilization?

By Richard C. Hoagland * and Erol O. Torun @ Copyright (C) 1989

All Rights Reserved

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In 1976 an unmanned NASA Viking spacecraft successfully photographed the surface of the planet Mars. In the subsequent 13 years, a mystery has loomed . . . a mile-long, 1500-ft high humanoid "face" discovered in a northern Martian desert called "Cydonia." Initially dismissed by NASA as "a trick of light and shadow," new analysis presented here reveals a far more complex situation, and a far more significant conclusion:

The "face" and its surrounding "enigmatic landforms" appear to be a carefully layed-out, highly-sophisticated, redundantly encoded "mathematical and geometric CETI message" on the Martian landscape -- in the tradition of century-old proposals by Gauss, Lockyer, et al..

This paper presents the evidence whereby the authors have reached this "radical conclusion." We -- one of us a science generalist and former NASA consultant, the other a geomorphologist -- detail the extensive geodetic and mathematical analysis of "the Face" we have conducted over the past several years: specifically, its geometric relationship to other, equally enigmatic objects in the immediate vicinity. This evidence includes multiple appearances of two specific mathematical constants: "e" and "pi," derived by angular measurement of the placement of key morphological objects around the "face" and the discovery of redundant angles and derived constants from that placement. We have also discovered the two constants - "e" and "pi" -- "coded" in the geodetic siting latitude of the "complex" on the planet.

It is this multiple, diversified, but converging geodetic, geometric and mathematical evidence that, in the authors' opinion, now robustly supports the "radical conclusion" presented above.

The geometry and mathematical constants we have discovered at Cydonia appear to be a highly-specific communication of "embedded tetrahedral geometry." Its apparant purpose: the geometric prediction of a specific geodetic latitude -- 19.5 degrees N. and S. -- resulting from the location of the vertices of a "circumscribed tetrahedron" rotated inside a planetary

or stellar sphere. This conclusion is reinforced by the geomorphological observation of a major "tetrahedral pyramid" at Cydonia -- connected

geometrically (by a 19.5-degree angle offset to the local geodetic meridian) to equally obvious morphological representations of "spheres" at Cydonia itself.

The purpose of all this appears to be to direct attention towards "something occurring at these two specific planetary latitudes." When examined by the authors, using published geodetic planetary maps from NASA and U.S Geological Survey sources, these latitudes are observed to be associated with a hitherto unknown planetary and stellar energy phenomenon -- blatantly emerging at these specific latitudes -- on astronomical

objects all across the solar system, including the Sun. Further, the appearance of these "energy outpourings" seems to be modulated by the polarity of the planetary (or stellar) magnetic dipole moment -- raising,

in the author's minds, the possibility that the "message" is attempting to direct us to a verifiable astrophysical manifestation of a basic, "unified field," connecting planetary angular momentum, gravity, and

electromagnetism with surface energy release.

The possibility that "the message" is directing us to, not merely energy transfer but energy generation, is also considered in this paper. Several convergent observations of the outer planets, most recently from Voyager 2, are presented to buttress our contention that we may be looking at a new astrophysically significant form of energy. Evidence is also presented that some manifestations of this energy may be altering the local "gravitational space-time metric" -- consistant with current theoretical

interpretations of tetrahedral mathematics by specialists, as "representative of higher-dimensional n-spaces." And, based on the "Cydonia equations," a specific prediction is ventured: that Voyager 2 Neptune observations will reveal a magnetic field polarity OPPOSITE the earth's, thus parallel to the fields of Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.

The implications of these "real world" geophysical manifestations of "unified field tetrahedral mathematics" -- specific, localized energy

release on planetary surfaces, apparently unrecognized until the "Cydonia tetrahedral mathematics" were decoded by the authors -- are profound:

ranging from a possible breakthrough in the centuries-long search for a Unified Field Theory connecting the four elemental forces of Nature; to possible technological applications of this knowledge -- including a new energy source, and possibly, ultimate control of gravity itself.

We conclude by urging immediate verification of the "Cydonia Message," via the 1992 unmanned Mars Observer spacecraft, as well as detailed followup to our preliminary work presented here.



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