The NASA Cydonia Briefings:

Communication of an Advanced Science from another Civilization?

By Richard C. Hoagland

Copyright (C)1990

All Rights Reserved


Before NASA launched its single most expensive scientific instrument last Spring, the $1.5 billion Hubble Space Telescope

(and before it discovered its extraordinary mistake, that apparently created Hubble's optically-flawed mirror), a key question often asked was "Why are you astronomers so excited about Hubble . . ? What's its most dramatic discovery likely to be?"

One official response was this:

". . . by definition the most stunning finding is often that which we do not expect to find -- totally novel phenomena or new types of objects." (1)

For fourteen years, NASA has had in its possession another set of data of exactly such a nature -- a series of unmanned Viking photographs taken from orbit, of a "totally novel phenomena" on the surface of the planet Mars (Fig. 1). This object, lying in a northern Martian desert called "Cydonia," is simply termed "the Face." Its discovery -- and the immense scientific and cultural implications, if its reality as a genuine "ET artifact" could be established -- have provoked intense public and media debate. They have also sparked a world-wide, multi-disciplinary scientific investigation, which I have been privileged to lead for the past seven years.

The preliminary consensus of our continuing work:

We have quite possibly stumbled upon, and

now successfully decoded, the outlines of a vastly advanced science and technology, bequeathed to us by "someone" -- and in the form of a deliberatelyconstructed "message" on a nearby planet.

Yet, according to disclosures forced under the Freedom of Information Act (2, 3), there have been no published scientific papers, analyses, memos, internal documents, etc., produced by NASA

on this subject, nor by the planetary scientists under contract to NASA who took the original Viking photographs In their official "search for Life on Mars" -- merely glib assertions that the presence of these objects, and their potential "message," has to be "a trick of light and shadow." In fact, according to the record, no one officially concerned with the results of Viking has done anything, in terms of actually performing a definitive analysis of this "totally novel phenomena" . . . for fourteen years.

They would still be doing nothing . . . had not the Chairman of the House Committee on science, space and Technology, Robert Roe (at our specific urging -- see below) recently forced the space agency to reverse its official fourteen-year "position" on this object -and go back to Mars in 1993 and secure far better images from Mars Observer. (3, 4)

so much for official institutional reactions, regarding appropriate treatment of "totally novel phenomena" discovered at

taxpayer expense . - -

Science and the Problem of "Revolutionary Thinking"

We are being confronted in this information with the possibility of a major "paradigm shift" in scientific, if not in technological, thinking; over the past several years, a number of workers have reported construction of devices which indicate the possibility of direct generation of electrical energy from space.

It is our conclusion that these repeated inventions -- if they work -- are operating according to the same "new physics" we have now verified are in operation throughout the solar system and beyond (see below) -- which we decoded directly from "the Message of Cydonia."

'One of the true pioneers in this field is Dr. Bruce DePalma, a former Harvard and MIT physicist. DePalma's preeminent demonstration of this "new physics -- a device he began working on over twenty years ago, called "the n-machine" -- seems to violate both the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics; it directly generates more electrical energy out of the interaction between "space" and the high-speed rotation of its extremely energetic magnets, than required by the motors that spin those magnets. The constant question: "How can such a device actually exist?" is very much like the questions surrounding the reality of the Martian "Face" itself; either it does exist . . . and our current laws of physics (planetology, anthropology, etc.) are incomplete . . . or it does not.

There is no middle ground.

And like an "extraterrestrial" answer to the enigma of "the Face," the benefit to the current world situation of a positive answer to the question, "can you tap a virtually unlimited energy supply, directly from space?" is not merely an academic exercise -it will very directly affect every human being on this planet.

(The fact that this technology is on the verge of being commercially applied by India -- in thus another Third World "first" -- under the direction of Chief Project Engineer, Paramahamsa Tewari (5),' should be ample evidence of how its current practicality is viewed in countries beyond the United States, in terms of economic implications of its immediate development.)

This is why, at our latest invited NASA-Cydonia Briefing (see attachment, NASA AESP invitation), we challenged NASA-Lewis to publicly test this technology at the earliest possible date. NASA -- created over 30 years ago by a far-sighted Act of Congress to boldly explore the truly unknowable benefits of Space for all Mankind -- could easily find out. It is our opinion that it must

. . . on behalf of all of us.

* * *

Because a larger context is essential to appropriate evaluation of any new technology, particularly, in this case, the radical DePalma/Tewari experimental results regarding something so at odds with ALL our previous scientific experience -- so-called "free" energy -- the following overview is presented of our own (up until now) completely separate "Cydonia investigation." As we have said, there is substantial evidence now to suggest that a similar physics -- to that proposed and published by Paramahamsa Tewari to explain the DePalma/Tewari technologies (Tewari's "Space Vortex Theory" -24) -- may have been independently deciphered in "the Message of Cydonia," through our own research. [A second technical paper, companion to the original "Message of Cydonia" paper we published last year through "CompuServ" (6), is now in the final stages of preparation, detailing our own latest analytical results. (7)]

If such a "new physics" has indeed been successfully decoded at Cydonia, that development would be highly germane to the entire question of the basic reality of all "free energy" technologies -strongly implying hitherto unknown scientific principals and applications widely known and used beyond the earth. But that is only the beginning. For, if we have successfully deciphered a deliberate mathematical "message" on a nearby planet, and if that "message" indeed coincides with a demonstrable "new terrestrial physics and technology" which can now tap a virtually unlimited, pollutionless power source for terrestrial civilization -- then the full implications of that "connection" . . . and "who" may have left us such a "message . . . must also be very carefully considered. This is particularly true in light of recent, startling terrestrial developments: the emerging, baffling phenomenon known as "Crop Circles" (Fig. 2) -- which have suddenly sprung up by the hundreds on every continent around the world (8)--

Carrying an identical mathematical message -- we have now determined -- to that found at Cydonia itself (see below).

This, then, is an overview of our own independent, yet highly provocative and complimentary research.

A Summary of the NASA-Cydonia Briefings

Despite consistent NASA denials of its significance, the "Face on Mars" -- and a series of other, equally provocative objects since found grouped in a stunning geometry around it (Fig. 3) -- have been intensely analyzed over the past seven years by several multidisciplinary scientific teams outside of NASA. The in-depth results of these analyses not only have been widely-published (9, 10), they have been detailed so far in three specifically-invited NASA presentations (11) -- the latest on September 11, 1990, at a national NASA Education Conference. They will also be the subject of a NASA-Lewis sponsored "PBS mini-series, weekly television broadcast," beginning in the Fall (12).

They have also been detailed in a personal briefing made by us to the Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, the Honorable Robert A. Roe. Chairman Roe's reaction to this extraordinary data was subsequently widely quoted:

"I've seen the studies and I've seen the photos and there do appear to be formations of

a face, as well as pyramids, that do not appear to be of natural or normal existence. It looked

like they had to be fashioned by some intelligent

beings [emphasis added]." (3)

As a result of almost a decade of these increasingly sophisticated, multi-disciplinary inquiries, at several major scientific institutions, I am now able publicly to report the following. The evidence strongly indicates that:

1) We are not alone.

2) There is an entire physics and technology existing beyond our present science, which -- through proper analysis of the first part of "the Message" -- we have now begun to access, with highly provocative

and extremely specific implications.

3) Examples of this "new physics" are literally all around us -- especially, in the stunning and at times highly perplexing solar system data returned to Earth from over thirty years of unmanned NASA and Soviet planetary probes, as well as in a variety of more distant astrophysics.

4) There is thus a practical technology directly extractable from this "new physics" -- some of which has apparently already been produced and unknowingly demonstrated in several independent laboratories here on Earth.

5) One such seemingly demonstrable technology is the potential for virtually unlimited, "local," environmentally-benign electric power generation

-- with immediate environmental, economic and geopolitical considerations (the DePalma/Tewari "n-machines").

6) In a recent, literally inestimable development: our analysis has discovered "the Message" -- the same mathematical clues to this "advanced physics and technology" -- in both the mathematics and outright geometry of the mysterious "crop circles" springing up around the world. This identity strongly implies that whomever left the original "Message of Cydonia" . . . has now returned.

These, admittedly, are strong assertions. But they are all supportable by facts, and are all eminently testable -- the ultimate criterion of any scientific research.

The Cydonia Data

What I and my colleagues (such as Erol Torun, at the Defense Mapping Agency*), have discovered at Cydonia is nothing short of amazing: an entire array of unique, highly geometric objects -- some measuring miles on a side -- grouped around the "Face" so as to communicate an apparently highly specific and extremely redundant geometric and mathematical "puzzle."

The primary purpose of this puzzle -- the real reason, we now believe, for the very existence of the complex and interlocking geometry we've deciphered at Cydonia -- is simply this:

To provide us a deliberate communication of a whole new physics and technology.

This scientifically-verifiable "Message," which we've spent seven years decoding, centers on the geometric and geodetic properties of an "inscribed tetrahedron" (6). [A tetrahedron is a four-sided, four-cornered pyramid -- the simplest regular "Platonic solid" that can exist, surrounded by a sphere. (Fig. 4)] If you place a tetrahedron in a rotating sphere, such that one "corner" sits on either the North or South polar axis of rotation, the other sits on either the North or South polar axis of rotation, the other three "corners" will lie at either 19.5 degrees S. or N., equally spaced 120 degrees (1/3rd of the way) around the sphere.

Some of the highly redundant geometric clues at Cydonia -- such as the distance between specific "benchmarks" on the Face and on the wedge-shaped front of the five-sided Pyramid (which, on the suggestion of another colleague, David Myers, was found to measure exactly 1/360th of the diameter of Mars!; and exactly 19.5 arc minutes on the Martian surface) -- seemed to be directing us to "place the tetrahedron in a planetary sphere -- such as Mars itself." When we did this, we immediately noticed that the second corner of the tetrahedron corresponded to the largest geophysical feature on the planet, a vast shield volcano named "Olympus Mons," located at 19.5 degrees North latitude; the third "corner" corresponded to the specific longitude of Cydonia itself, exactly one third of the way around the planet -- one "tetrahedron" -- East.

Before too long, we noticed that ALL of the major "geophysical disturbances" across the solar system -- from the latitude of the largest volcanic "up-welling" on Earth (the Hawaiian Shield Volcano), to the siting of the two major suspected active volcanic complexes on Venus, to the location of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and its recently-discovered, surprising counterpart on Neptune -the Great Dark Spot -- ALL occur at either 19.5 N. or S., or both.

____________________________________________________________________ *Mars work not funded by the DOD

Even the Sun seemed to "obey" this "tetrahedral pattern"; on the solar surface, the peak latitude of the 11-year "sunspot cycle," and the peak latitude of solar temperature emission corresponding to sunspot maximum, occurs at precisely 19.5 N. and S.

Could it be that there was something physically significant -in a rotating, fluid sphere -- regarding an "inscribed tetrahedral geometry" and "19.5 degrees?"

Confirmation of a "Terrestrial Connection"

Through the independent work of another colleague, Stan Tenen (Meru Foundation), we were eventually led to discover a parallel

series of ''redundant tetrahedral metaphors'' -- this time, expressed repeatedly in a wide-variety of terrestrial ancient texts. (13)

Tenen's twenty years of previously separate research had turned up expressions of "inscribed tetrahedral geometry" in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic manuscripts, Ancient Hebrew scrolls, Ancient Greek texts, etc. When we compared our respective "tetrahedral metaphors" -- "the Message of Cydonia" discovered on another planet, and this equally redundant, identical geometry found by Tenen to be spread throughout the world's most ancient documents -- we gradually came to realize that we were both looking at the same communication. But, a "communication" communicating what?; what was so important to the "ancients" about "tetrahedra placed in circumscribing spheres?" And how did it relate (if it related at all) to the remarkably "tetrahedral" pattern we had been led to by the geometry of Cydonia -- demonstrably now spread across the solar system in a series of major astrophysical phenomena?

There was another, equally important aspect to this puzzle, we rapidly discovered: the same "tetrahedral metaphors" also seemed to have been deliberately encoded in a variety of ancient architecture -- equally spread throughout the world. A variety of workers in

this arcane field -- people such as L. C. Stecchini, and H. Harleston, Jr. -- had turned up some remarkable examples.

Stecchini, formerly at the University of Rome and an historian of science, became a specialist in ancient measurements and geodetic standards until his death. Wrote Stecchini, in an Appendix to Peter Tompkins highly-successful compilation of material on the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt:

"In order to describe [Africa] down to the equator, the Egyptians used a system of right triangles, in which one side was one of the three axes of Egypt and the other a perpendicular to it; the hypotenuse usually indicated the course of a segment of the east coast of Africa. The most important of these triangles was one obtained counting from Behdet 19 degrees 30 minutes south

along the central axis of Egypt and then 19 degrees

30 minutes to the east . . . [emphasis added]." (14)

Stecchini's remarkable discovery -- the specific "tetrahedral angle," 19.5 degrees, used by the ancients in defining the very form of Egypt -- was paralleled by independent correlations discovered by Tenen, between his studies of the tetrahedral metaphors found in the ancient texts and identical "tetrahedral" measurements apparently "encoded" in the Great Pyramid itself: specifically, in its very slope-angle -- almost 52 degrees (13); though many previous workers have claimed to have found sophisticated mathematical formulae and constants in this massive structure (see, for instance, the 19th Century work of Piazzi Smyth), Tenen's discoveries are corroborated by the redundancy of these specific tetrahedral measurements -- and the fact that they are also found in ancient manuscripts, geodetic measurements on Earth . . . and, most remarkable of all, throughout a "complex" located on a completely different planet: Mars.

One of our own, truly thought-provoking earlier discoveries was that the very Arabic root for "Cairo" -- "El-Kahir" (the site of the Great Pyramid at Giza) -- literally means "Mars." (15)

Thus, we were less than surprised when our own continuing work on Cydonia subsequently revealed a highly specific mathematical connection -- between the entire Giza Plateau (where the Great Pyramid is located) and the "D&M Pyramid" on Mars; one of the trigonometric functions, corresponding to the specific geodetic Martian latitude of the five-sided D&M Pyramid -- 0.865 (which is the Tangent of 40.87 degrees) -- is also the Cosine of 10 degrees, the latitude of the Great Pyramid at Giza. (16)

The implications of this wide-ranging redundancy of specific "tetrahedral" information are profound; from the "modern" Arabic naming of the major city nearest the largest Pyramids of Egypt, to its most ancient hieroglyphic texts, to its oldest architecture -the Great Pyramid itself -- if not in its very geodetic measurements and siting, the Ancient Egyptians somehow seemed to "know" the unique relationship of "a circumscribed tetrahedron to its circumscribing sphere" -- and to have related that to "Mars" -- even if we didn't yet understand why this knowledge was somehow deemed so crucially important, or how there could possibly be any traceable "connection" with Cydonia.

[In a recent, highly significant development, David Myers has discovered a specific geodetic link between the location of the Great Pyramid (at 30 N.) and the location of Stonehenge ( 51 N.); the southeast diagonal of the four, rectangularly-arranged "station stones" -- the "megaliths" that used to delineate (there are only two left now) the earliest phase of this ancient British "stone circle" -- points directly through its center . . . and then to the Giza Plateau, at an angle of 27 degrees to the Stonehenge latitude.

[Even more impressive, this same diagonal alignment is offset to Stonehenge's famed northeast "solstice sunrise alignment" by a specific "Cydonia angle" -- 69.4 degrees -- the precise angle of the back of the "D&M Pyramid," and the same angle as several other, equally-important relationships in the Cydonia Complex; back on Earth, this precise 69.4-degree angle is replicated in Stonehenge at least three times (Fig. 5).

[This new information, we believe, is quite significant. In the context of the discoveries of other researchers (8) -- who have now determined specific, repeating geometric identities between the modern "circles phenomenon" (see above) and Stonehenge -- the discovery of exact replications of our "Cydonian Geometry" within critical alignments of this most enigmatic of the ancient "henge" monuments in Europe, seems to be reiteration an extremely ancient and important "tetrahedral message" -- if not specifically linking it to an "ancient" (if not now modern!) "extraterrestrial source."

[This new geometric information -- now geodetically connecting Stonehenge to Cydonia (an ancient Martian "complex") . . , as well as to the Great Pyramid at Cairo (a place known specifically in Arabic as "Mars") -- only serves to underscore the significance of our own previous discovery; Oxford civil engineer Alexander Thom's "megalithic yard" -- apparently used in originally laying out the ancient British circles (equal to 2.72 British feet) -- is identical to the "Cydonian" circumscribing sphere/tetrahedron surface area ratio: 2.72/1.

[These remarkable discoveries also now make obvious another rapidly developing requirement: that we begin to reevaluate the true origins and meanings of key terrestrial units, long thought completely arbitrary -- such as the popular myth regarding King Henry VIII and the origin of the British "foot." The implication being: the true source of these fundamental measurements -- and their meaning -- may be far more significant . . . and far more ancient . . . than we have previously dared believe.]

[And in a very late-breaking development, Meyers has just discovered that extension of the Giza-Stonehenge line around the earth connects precisely with newly-discovered "circles" in the American Mid-west -- at Kansas City; mapping of additional "circles" found in Canada this Summer was then determined to also fit the pattern. Thus, it appears this "Giza-Stonehenge" line could form the base-line of a world-wide grid -- tilted precisely 60 degrees to the established geodetic system (Fig. 6). (60 degrees, of course, is the basic angle of an equilateral triangle -- the two-dimensional representation of a tetrahedron.) Confirmation that other 1000 "circles" -- found in Japan, Australia and the Soviet Union -- also lie precisely on this grid, would strongly support the idea that "someone" is again ingeniously attempting to communicate the importance of "tetrahedral geometry" -- if not its crucial historical connections to several ancient sites.]

For, there is more.

Hugh Harleston, Jr., another civil engineer, in 1074 gave a paper at the XLI International Congress of Americanists on another "sacred complex," found almost a quarter way around the world from Ancient Egypt and Ancient Britain -- northeast of Mexico City. He called it: "A Mathematical Analysis of Teotihuacan." (17)

Harleston had discovered to his immense surprise not only "e" and "pi" in the fundamental architecture of this Ancient Mexican site (the two "tetrahedral constants" coded so redundantly across Cydonia), he also discovered redundant examples of the specific "tetrahedral angle" -- 19.5 degrees itself -- imprinted indelibly in the fourth-level angle of stones (Fig. 7A), making up one of the two major pyramids within the Teotihuacan Complex: the famed "Pyramid of the Moon." This identical angle was then repeated in several, carefully pecked "geodetic markers" (such as "the Garcia Triple Cross") found throughout the Complex, but particularly, southwest of the other major pyramid: the Pyramid of the Sun (Fig. 7B). (This Pyramid's fourth level, incidentally, monumentalizes 19.69 degrees -- the precise geodetic latitude of Teotihuacan itself . . . on a sphere.)

Question: how did the "primitive" Teotihuacanos -- whom some archaeologists now claim built Teotihuacan around 1400 BC -- know both the "tetrahedral angle," and the fact the Earth is spherical

. . . and at that extraordinarily ancient date . . . let alone, their precise location on it . . ?

Harleston's conclusion -- based on this explicit demonstration of specific geodetic knowledge, and the inescapable fact of the monumentalization throughout the Complex of 19.5 degrees, the exact angle of "a tetrahedron inscribed within its circumscribing sphere.:

"The fundamental message conveyed by the

Teotihuacanos is that the physical universe [itself]

is 'tetrahedral'. . ." (17)

Was this, in fact, the Ultimate Meaning of the same "tetrahedral message" we had discovered at Cydonia . . . now reappearing? ear?' In "the circles?"

The "Hyperdimensional Connection" . . . and a "Tetrahedral" Universe

(The following section, explaining the exact nature of our "hyperdimensional Cydonia discoveries," may be skimmed over by the mathematically faint of heart; the essential conclusions do not require detailed understanding of the geometric modelings, merely an appreciation of the remarkable astrophysical evidence we have now discovered in support of an actual, real-world "hyperdimensional physics.")

* * *

For over a hundred years, a legion of scholars have created entire abstract universes out of "numbers"; the literature of this small and close-knit subculture of the scientific world -- the world of "pure" mathematics -- is filled with theoretical models, complex calculations and extended "proofs" of topologies and geometries which have no counterpart in our familiar three-dimensional existence; these are the modelings of "higher dimensionalities" -so-called "n-spaces" (where "n" is a number equaling a particular spatial dimension -- 3, 4, 5, etc.).

Just as a sphere in three dimensions, when "projected" back into a two-dimensional existence, can only be seen as a twodimensional, cross-sectional circle -- so "higher order" geometric figures, when "rotated" mathematically back from a "higher dimensionality" (4, 5, or 6 geometric dimensions, back into our familiar 3,), can only produce three-dimensional geometric "shadows" of their "true" higher-dimensional forms.

Following this logic, topologists have constructed elaborate three-dimensional geometric figures (Fig. 8), actually "shadowgram representations" of abstract "n-space mathematical extensions" of familiar three-space objects -- such as "hyperspheres," "hypercubes," and "hypertetrahedra," etc. One of the most classic "higher dimensionality" geometric proofs is called "the problem of the 27 lines on the general cubic surface." (18)

* * *

Our extraordinary discovery -- relating this entire body of previously purely abstract work to our specific deciphering of "the Message of Cydonia," which in turn had lead us to specific physical phenomena all across the solar system -- was simply this: in a rotating reference frame (a planet), the mathematical modeling of higher-dimensional geometries specifically predicted "vorticular rotation" of resulting inscribed "hypertetrahedral forms"--

At 19.5 degrees N. and/or S. -- the precise latitude of all the major visible (or underlying) "vorticular forms" occurring in the solar system.

Was it possible that the "Message of Cydonia" was intended to communicate the demonstrable physics of a "higher-dimensional connection" with another n-space? Was that connection responsible for the demonstrable up-welling of energies from planetary (and the solar) interiors, emerging specifically as vortices at 19.5 N. and S. -- wherever we looked, on objects all across the solar system? A pattern dictated by a very specific, rotating, circumscribed tetrahedral, and now "hyperdimensional" set of forces? (7)

The topologists' copious modelings and calculations in the literature predicted another kind of geometric pattern, other than "tetrahedral vorticular events" at 19.5 N. and S. -- which should result from the geometric projection back into "3-space" from the higher dimensionalities of a rotating reference frame in 4-space:

An end-on view of the rotational-axis projection of a double "hyperdimensional tetrahedron" -- a hexagon.

Because in three dimensions, two interlocking tetrahedra result in the creation of a cube (Fig. 9A), the way to visualize this is to imagine viewing such a resulting three-dimensional projection through the corners of that cube; you should then see, aligned symmetrically around the rotational axis of this cube, a perfect tetrahedrally produced hexagon (Fig. 9B).

In a "real world" situation -- looking down on a planet's actual rotational axis -- such a hexagon would represent the threedimensional "in-welling" set of forces resulting from the higher-

dimensional, rotating "hypersphere collapse." The "hexagon" would be the outline of the two interlocking "inscribed tetrahedra in the sphere," seen projected end-on, with one vertex of each tetrahedron on each pole, north and south (Fig. 9B).

The question: did such a "hexagonal, in-welling pattern" truly exist around the poles of a real three-dimensional, rotating, fluid planet (Fig. 9C)?

The stunning answer: yes!

When we examined computer-rectified Voyager photography of the north polar regions of Saturn (Fig. 9D), there -- outlined in the clouds -- was an unmistakable and totally baffling (to the planetary scientists) hexagon.

According to D. A. Godfrey (National Optical Astronomy Observatories), writing in 1988 in ICARUS, one of the leading planetary science journals:

"We used map-projected images to examine the polar regions of Saturn, which show an unexpected hexagonal feature [emphasis added]. Measurements from a sequence of images show that the flow pattern echoes this shape. The striated clouds that form

the pattern are moving at over 100 m/sec [300 mi/hr].

However the hexagonal shape itself rotates at the radio

rotation [of the interior of the planet]." (19)

To emphasize that this is not a "freak" occurrence, when Voyager 2 reached Neptune last Summer, it discovered and photographed an identical "hexagonal pattern" in the frozen nitrogen "snows" around the south rotational pole of Triton -- Neptune's planet-sized moon. (20)

The discovery of two independent geometric "signatures" of a formerly strictly abstract "hyperdimensional pattern" -- and on actual planets and satellites (if not the Sun itself) -- must raise profound philosophical and scientific questions. Are these geometric flow-patterns in the solar "plasma," and their counterparts in the fluid giant outer planets (and their related volcanic features, on so-called rocky "terrestrial-type worlds," which possess molten fluid cores) the result of actual "hyperdimensional" forces -- being communicated into this dimension through these rotating fluid objects? If so, then what we have been led to -- by virtue of successfully "decoding" and interpreting the "Cydonia equations" -- is nothing less than a preview of a full "hyperdimensional physics" -- giving us (when fully developed) nothing less than--

Access to a higher-order theoretical basis for the entire Universe, the so-called "holy Grail" of physics: a Grand Unified Field Theory. (6, 7)

And if this truly exists -- an actual "hyperdimensional physics" -- must there not eventually evolve a "hyperdimensional technology," making use of this "new physics?" What would such technologies make possible . . . and look like? One possible answer: a virtually unlimited reservoir of non-polluting, democratically-accessible electrical energy -- from "space" (Fig. 10, 11).

Which brings us back to Dr. Bruce DePalma, and a series of fundamental laboratory experiments he had painstakingly carried out over the course of twenty years completely independent of this work -- which now provide remarkable experimental terrestrial support for the existence of such a "hyperdimensional physics."

Hyperdimensional Physics . . . Hyperdimensional Technology -- and the Current Global Crises

The major clue, we now believe, to a practical terrestrial technology which could rapidly evolve from the successful "decoding" of "the Message of Cydonia," lies in the nature of the astrophysics right before us: the currently inexplicable energies being demonstrably radiated by the outer planets -- and perhaps the Sun and stars themselves.

During Voyager 2's highly-successful fly-by of Neptune in 1989, not only did spacecraft' measurements confirm that the planet is radiating into space almost three times the amount of energy it is currently receiving from the Sun, the images revealed an intense, and totally unexpected, energetic meteorology; Neptune now holds the record for being "the windiest planet in the solar system" -despite the fact that it is literally at the ends of the solar system, 3 billion miles from the Sun, and receives a total -internal energy plus external solar radiation -- of only 1/350th as much energy as Earth. (21) Yet its atmospheric winds, as measured on the Voyager images, routinely exceed 1400 miles per hour!

Where is all that raw power coming from?

Our provisional answer, direct from the now-demonstrable "hyperdimensional" nature of the Cydonia Equations:

Hyperspace itself.

Consider this: if "4-space" is more than a mathematical abstraction, it must contain more energy than "3-space." (This follows directly from the greater amount of information required to describe a more complex "higher state-space," compared to a less information-rich "lower dimension.")

Thus, if one can open a "door" or a "gate" between "4-space" and our familiar "3-space" -- via rapidly rotating a massive object (like a planet) partially from 3-space into 4-space (as the theoretical "higher-dimensional" mathematical modeling describes) -the energy contained in the higher dimension must flow back into the lower "state-space"--

And into the planet (or any body) acting as the "gate" -- as well as appearing in the space immediately surrounding it.

This physical "gating" of energy from 4-space, we believe, not only explains the excess "luminosity" anomalously exhibited by Neptune (and the ultimate driving force behind its "too-energetic fluid flow" -- its winds), it nicely accounts now for ALL the anomalous meteorological activity (particularly, high-speed jets) observed on the giant outer planets -- as well as all their intrinsic "luminosities" (infrared heat emissions) in excess of calculated solar input.

We further believe that this mechanism will prove to be the "missing link" in explaining the increasingly disturbing absence of "neutrinos" issuing from the center of the Sun -- projected to be the result of solar thermonuclear reactions; if the Sun too is liberating energy from "4-space" via its partial rotation into a

"higher dimension," then its "thermonuclear component" could be much less than previously assumed and its "neutrino emission"

significantly lower -- in accordance with twenty years of baffling efforts to detect adequate numbers of neutrinos. (22)

This "new physics" also now elegantly provides foundation for the otherwise inexplicable results of DePalma's remarkable twenty years of paradigm-breaking, reproducible data, presented in a recently-published document titled "The DePalma Research Papers" (23): his elegantly simple "spinning ball" experiment; the "shielded gyro drop"; explorations of the electrical properties of "magnetized gyros" (the beginnings of the "N-machine"); anomalous discoveries of "variable inertial fields around rotating objects," etc., etc. All of these literally unthinkable experimental results (in the context of our present conceptions of fundamental physics) are laboratory evidence now in support of some kind of energy being "gated" into 3-space by an object's simple rotation into 4-space -- results predicted by the "hyperdimensional physics" we believe we have now discovered, courtesy of "the Message of Cydonia."

This new context for otherwise inexplicable results, also makes almost prescient DePalma's naming of his "n-machine," and Paramahamsa Tewari's proposal of a "Space Vortex Theory" to explain it (24); from our decoding of the Cydonia "message," DePalma's rapidly rotating magnetic device (>7000 rpm) is quite evidently merely "opening a gate to a hyperdimension," and converting the energy flowing "down" into 3-space, into this device, directly into a usable electrical current -- affirmation of Michael Faraday's 150 year-old observational enigma of "the rotating magnet and electrically-generating disc."

Thus, DePalma's various experiments, and the N-machine technology itself, are strongly supportive of our own completely separate ideas, developed from observation of the Cydonia Equations -- as they now apply to increasingly redundant examples of anomalous planetary and stellar phenomena we believe are now only explainable by a "4-space, energy-gating process," described more fully in our latest paper. (7)

These "new physics," we believe, will also finally explain the true nature of two traditional "anomalies" in laboratory physics: electrical "superconductivity," and liquid helium "superfluidity"; we now suspect that these remarkable, well-known terrestrial phenomena, representing an apparent "breakdown" of the basic laws of thermodynamics, actually represent the most widespread, previously unsuspected terrestrial evidence of a "hyperdimensional energygating mechanism." Because of high-temperature "noise" in most laboratory experiments, these "hyperdimensional effects" in non-rotating systems (if we are right) can only manifest in "conventional physics" at temperatures close to zero, Absolute. DePalma's experiments with high-speed rotation, on the other hand, provided conditions conducive to observational results directly influenced by such "gated energies from 4-space" -- and at far higher temperatures.

Thus, as we now see it, the DePalma "N-Machine" -- as the first practical application of these "new physics" -- is quite literally an "n-space" machine -- only duplicating here on Earth what Jupiter is doing . . . and Saturn . . . and Neptune . . . if not the Sun, and a vast range of currently inexplicable galactic and extragalactic phenomena through space.

These paradigm-shattering experimental results should now, of course, be reproduced in other laboratories world-wide -especially, as we have specifically proposed, at NASA's wellequipped and Congressionally-accountable facilities.

Normally the lag time -- between the discovery of a new principle of physics and the development of an appropriate technology -- is from ten to twenty years. In this instance, because of the empirical efforts of DePalma and many other experimentalists and physicists, over the preceding twenty years--

The technological application of "hyperdimensional physics" to the production of useful energy seems to have already been accomplished.

One official governmental effort -- India's "Kaiga Project," under the direction of Chief Engineer Tewari -- after over a decade of development is, according to official correspondence (25), imminently close to commercial realization. The time in the United States needed to move from DePalma's existing "proof-of-principle" devices to commercial units, for home or vehicles, could thus be only months -- depending on consumer awareness, highly-visible government testing of the existing devices (such as our NASA-Lewis Research Center Proposal) -- spurred by Congressional leadership in the face of the current Persian Gulf Crisis, and economic recognition of the stunning opportunities for serious investors.

If NASA has the political courage to accept this challenge -the agency which landed human beings for the first time on the surface of the Moon twenty years ago could thus present to the American people -- and the world -- the "ultimate" benefit from "space": the energy its own data has now made clear is literally fueling the entire planetary system . . . the energy to save our world.

The decision's up to us.


Two convergent lines of highly-controversial scientific research, pursued independently over the past fifteen to twenty years -- the "decoding" of an apparently genuine "ET message" on another planet, which seems to lay out the foundations for an entirely new physics and technology, with specific examples in the solar system and beyond (7); and the parallel laboratory discovery of an identical physics, with a demonstrable technology (23) -- have now come together, with extraordinary immediate potential.

These results -- if applied to the existing global energy crises in a timely fashion -- could literally, almost "overnight," alleviate both the economic and environmental impacts of producing the energy needed to reshape a changing world.

The Government of India, after over a decade of quiet engineering refinement of one of these technologies, is about to announce successful development of a commercially-available system for the direct conversion of electrical energy from "space" -- with stunning implications. Wide-spread Use of this radical technology will have major impact on an entire series of significant global problems -- third-world resource development, global warming, ozone depletion, acid rain, industrial and vehicular pollution -- if not the economic foundations for the literal creation of "a New World Order."

It will also dramatically impact global questions regarding energy -- the basis of the current crisis in the Persian Gulf.

The fact that the physics behind this new technology has been independently "decoded" from a set NASA data, of what appears to be deliberately-designed constructions on another planet -- the planet Mars -- must not be forgotten; or, the fact that an identical "message" has apparently long been "encoded" in our most ancient documents, architectures, and circular stone monuments (such as Stonehenge) -- and is now, suddenly, reappearing all around the world, literally "written in the crops." (8)

Someone . . . a long time ago . . . and now apparently once more -- seems "to have cared enough to leave the very best."

Recognizing the testable reality of this dramatic information, we must not only rapidly transform the basic physics "they" have left us now into a practical technology . . . and then apply these tools . . . we must marshal our most creative energies to figure out just "who" has left us such a stunning "legacy"--

And "why."

Those answers, and much more, now await us -- strewn by "someone" across the continents of Earth . . . and on the planet Mars.


NASA National Aeronautics and

Space Administration

Lewis Research Center

Cleveland, Ohio


Reply to Attn of 1021 August 1, 1990

Mr. Richard C. Hoagland Old Gate Farm

Route 4, Box 168 Wytheville, VA 24382

Dear Mr Hoagland:

This is a follow up to our telephone conversation in which you agreed to

make a presentation on the topic, "The Monuments of Mars" at the Annual Aerospace Education Services Project (AESP) Conference,

September 5-11, 1990. The site of this annual conference rotates among the various NASA Centers, with Lewis serving as the host this year. As I mentioned, this conference is attended by NASA Headquarters staff and approximately 50 Aerospace Education Specialists who represent NASA in schools throughout the country. Oklahoma State University is NASA's contractor for the AESP project. The purpose of this annual conference is for training and for briefing the specialists on current NASA projects.

We would like you to give your presentation at Lewis in the Administration Building Auditorium at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11, 1990. We have reserved one hour on the agenda for your presentation.

While we are unable to offer you an honorarium, we will, however, be pleased to reimburse you for travel, meals, and-hotel expenses. You may call Oklahoma State University's Richard Adams at 800-553-0023, who will be glad to make your travel arrangements or answer any questions you may have. If you wish to make your own arrangements, kindly save your receipts and mail them to Richard at the conclusion of the conference. You may send them to:

Richard Adams


300 North Cordell

Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, OK 74078-0422

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at area code (216) 433-5583. We are certainly looking forward to seeing you at the AESP conference in September.


R. Lynn Bondurant, Jr.

Chief, Educational Programs Office


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