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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 1995--Focusing on the creation of imaginative and interactive content tied to the launch of its new online service in the fall of this year, Delphi Internet Services Corporation in collaboration with sister News Corporation company, Fox Broadcasting Company, has launched the official "X-Files" Web site. The site, which previewed at the first official "X-Files" convention in San Diego on June 11, can now be accessed by the public via the Delphi Internet home page at

"The `X-Files' Special Interest Group on the current Delphi Internet service has been so popular with our members that we wanted to create something fresh and original specifically for the Web," said Dr. Alan Baratz, Chief Executive Officer of Delphi Internet, "This new `X-Files' Web site is a great example of the exciting and

engaging content we will be producing for our new service which will be launched in the fall of this year."

Similar to the "X-Files" area on the current Delphi Internet service, the official "X-Files" Web site is loaded with exclusive, up-to-date information provided by the show's creator, Chris Carter, the creative team behind the series and the show's stars. This arrangement allows Delphi Internet to be the first to offer fans of

the series the latest news, sound files, video clips and official "X-Files" merchandise online. Hats, T-shirts, jackets, mugs,

tickets to "X-Files" conventions and official fan club membership

kits are available for purchase at this site. The "X-Files" site

also provides users with episode guides, background on the cast, creator and producers of the show and links to other "X-Files" sites and related areas covering the paranormal. Additionally, fans of

the "X-Files" who have access to the current Delphi Internet SIG can download photos of the events at the "X-Files" convention which was held in San Diego on June 11.

"The X-Files" (Fridays/FBC/9:00 p.m.) is a one-hour drama about an unconventional FBI agent, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), who investigates unsolved cases, known as the "X-Files," which he believes involve paranormal phenomena. To keep tabs on his work - and in the hope of debunking his theories - the FBI teams him up with Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), a young, skeptical agent who has a degree in medicine and a strong bias toward the scientific.

Delphi Internet's home page on the World Wide Web also contains links to the fX cable network, HarperCollins Publishers, Twentieth Century Fox feature films such as "Die Hard With A Vengeance" and the latest from Delphi UK's Camden Lock, Europe's most innovative Web site.

A News Corporation Company, Delphi Internet develops and markets interactive entertainment, information and communications services for consumers worldwide. Delphi Internet is one of the nation's largest online services and, since 1992, a leading provider to consumers of comprehensive access to the global Internet.

News Corporation, led by Chief executive Rupert Murdoch, is one of the largest global media companies with diversified international operations that include: TV GUIDE, Fox Broadcasting Company, Twentieth Century Fox, HarperCollins Publishers, Times Newspapers Limited, British Sky Broadcasting, STAR Television and others.

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