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"The X Files," hour-long television drama airing Fridays at 9 p.m. Eastern/Pacific (U.S.), 8 p.m. Central/Mountain (U.S.), and in 56 other countries around the world, including Canada (Global Television); the United Kingdom (BBC2 and Sky One); New Zealand (Channel 2); Australia; Singapore; Portugal; Germany; Korea; The Netherlands; Norway; Sweden; Denmark; Finland; South Africa; France; Malaysia; and Italy. It is also shown on cable services in Latin America through Fox TV out of Mexico.

The show has been released on video in Japan (Japanese subtitles; first 8 episodes, two tapes per episode, in aired order, have been confirmed as being released; next three tapes were to be released March 25) and Great Britain (two episodes per tape, two tapes per month, beginning on May 3; cost will be 10.99 pounds). ------------

This report is eyes-only with a level 2 clearance. The information is updated monthly and is posted on the first day of the month to alt.tv.x-files and rec.arts.sf.tv.

Information contained is compiled by Special Agent In Charge Pat Gonzales, team leader for XF Case 11291093. Field agents may download and redistribute the report in its entirety with the permission notice intact, or with certain portions deleted with permission, but may not reproduce for payment. Any other use of this information is prohibited without permission from the team leader. This by no means is meant to infringe on any copyrights held by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, or 20th Century Fox Television.

Deep background on agents Mulder and Scully was the determination of the special agent in charge, and in no way is intended to be the definitive interpretation of the events aired. Typographic errors are the sole responsibility of the special agent in charge.

Information gleaned from episodes will be indicated by the episode title following in [brackets]. Information gleaned from media articles will be indicated by the media venue indicated in [brackets]. Information gleaned from

novels will be indicated by the title listed in [brackets].



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_The X Files_ is a television series dealing with two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, in the Bureau's

Violent Crimes section. They work with the "X files,"

cases that have unexplainable elements and often involve the paranormal.

/Production Notes/

The series was created by Chris Carter.

Executive producers for the show are Carter and R.W. Goodwin. The show's supervising producer is Howard Gordon, and the co-producer is Paul Rabwin. Rob Bowman, Kim Manners, and Joseph Patrick Finn are producers.

The show is filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia.

_The X Files_ is *not based on true events or real FBI X files.* The episodes are fiction, the plots loosely

based on news reports of unexplained events around the world and other unexplained phenomena. The pilot does open with a note saying that the events were based on an actual real-life story, but was not meant to imply that there are real X Files.


If you wish to write in support of the show, the addresses are:

Chris Carter , Executive Producer, "The X Files," c/o Fox Broadcasting Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Jonathan Littman, Director of Current Programming, Fox Broadcasting Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Fan mail to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can be sent to: (actor's name), c/o X Files Production Office, North Shore Studios, Building 10, 110-555 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 3S5 CANADA

The Fox Network has an Internet address to which you

can e-mail your comment on the series. Charles Kennedy, Vice President of Programming Research, is the contact.

The address is: Foxnet@delphi.com. If you send e-mail, indicate "X Files" in the subject line.

You can also send comments to the X Files production company separately, at the_xfiles@delphi.com.

Chris Carter does not have an official e-mail address. Members of the X Files production team do scan the various online groups.

/Episode Titles - Air Dates/

An episode guide is being kept by Cliff Chen, cliff@red.seas.upenn.edu. It is posted on the first of every month to alt.tv.x-files and rec.arts.sf.tv. A copy

of this episode guide is stored at a number of the FTP sites listed at the end of this document.

Season 1 History


Code Episode -- Air Dates (original * repeats)

---- ------- ---------

1X79 "The X-Files" (1.1) -- 9/10/93 * 1/17/94, 11/6/94 1X01 "Deep Throat" (1.2) -- 9/17/93 * 12/24/93, 6/24/94 1X02 "Squeeze" (1.3) -- 9/24/93 * 12/ 3/93, 6/10/94

1X03 "Conduit" (1.4) -- 10/ 1/93 * 12/14/93, 5/27/94

1X04 "Jersey Devil" (1.5) -- 10/ 8/93 * 12/31/93, 7/22/94 1X05 "Shadows" (1.6) -- 10/22/93 * 3/ 4/94

1X06 "Ghost in the Machine" (1.7) -- 10/29/93 * 1/14/94 1X07 "Ice" (1.8) -- 11/ 5/93 * 1/17/94 (and 8/12/94 in some areas), 3/3/95

1X08 "Space" (1.9) -- 11/12/93 * 1/28/94, 8/22/94

1X09 "Fallen Angel" (1.10) -- 11/19/93 * 3/29/94, 11/13/94 1X10 "Eve" (1.11) -- 12/10/93 * 3/11/94, 8/26/94

1X11 "Fire" (1.12) -- 12/17/93 * 3/25/94, 11/20/94

1X12 "Beyond the Sea" (1.13) -- 1/ 7/94 * 4/8/94

1X13 "GenderBender" (1.14) -- 1/21/94 * 5/20/94

1X14 "Lazarus" (1.15) -- 2/ 4/94 * 6/3/94, 9/2/94

1X15 "Young at Heart" (1.16) -- 2/11/94 * 6/17/94

1X16 "E.B.E." (1.17) -- 2/18/94 * 7/8/94, 11/25/94

1X17 "Miracle Man" (1.18) -- 3/18/94 * 7/1/94

1X18 "Shapes" (1.19) -- 4/ 1/94 * 10/28/94

1X19 "Darkness Falls" (1.20) -- 4/15/94 * 8/5/94, 12/2/94 1X20 "Tooms" (1.21) -- 4/22/94 * 7/15/94

1X21 "Born Again" (1.22) -- 4/29/94 * 8/22/94

1X22 "Roland" (1.23) -- 5/6/94 * 7/29/94

1X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask" (1.24) -- 5/13/94 * 9/9/94

Season 2 Episode Titles


2X01 "Little Green Men" -- 9/16/94 * 12/23/94

2X02 "The Host" -- 9/23/94 * 12/30/94

2X03 "Blood" -- 9/30/94 * 1/20/95

2X04 "Sleepless" -- 10/7/94 * 3/10/95

2X05 "Duane Barry" -- 10/14/94

2X06 "Ascension" -- 10/21/94

2X07 "3" -- 11/4/94

2X08 "One Breath" -- 11/11/94

2X09 "Firewalker" -- 11/18/94 * 3/24/95

2X10 "Red Museum" -- 12/9/94

2X11 "Excelsis Dei" -- 12/16/94 * 4/7/95

2X12 "Aubrey" -- 1/6/95

2X13 "Irresistible" -- 1/13/94

2X14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt" -- 1/27/95

2X15 "Fresh Bones" -- 2/3/95

2X16 "Colony" -- 2/10/95

2X17 "End Game" -- 2/17/95

2X18 "Fearful Symmetry" -- 2/24/95

2X19 "Dod Kalm" -- 3/17/95 (Norwegian o-slash thru)

2X20 "Humbug" -- 3/31/95


2X21 "The Calusari" -- 4/14/95 (scheduled) (Romanian s)

(W: Sara Charno; D: Michael Vejar)

2X22 "F. Emasculata" -- 4/28/95

(W: Howard Gordon & Chris Carter; D: Rob Bowman)

2X23 "Soft Light" -- 5/5/95

Individuals in North America with satellite dishes can get the feeds for X Files on Thursday at noon ET on Telstar 1, transponder 9; or Friday at 1 p.m. ET on Telstar 1, transponder 7. The live broadcast feed for X Files is sent on Telstar 1, transponder 13 (east feed) at 9 p.m. ET, and Telstar1, transponder 14 (west feed) at midnight ET.

/Plot Devices/

For those who pay attention to inter-episode trends and seemingly overused events, premises and plot devices on

the show, Jerry Kuch maintains "Jerry's List of X Files Plot Devices For Everybody Who Keeps Whining about the Overuse or Underuse of One or Another of Them." It shows (perhaps surprisingly to some) that the number of times that Scully is rescued by Mulder is not overwhelmingly larger than the number of episodes focusing on the ongoing government/UFO comspiracy thread roughly matches the

number dealing with other paranormal themes.

The plot devices list is posted at the beginning of

each month, along with the other FAQs, and is usually updated and reposted weekly. Corrections and comments are welcome by Internet mail to gdkuch@neumann.uwaterloo.ca.


During its first season, _The X Files_ finished 102 out of 118 shows in the Neilsen ratings with a 6.4. The show was recognized as one of the best shows on the air by the Viewers for Quality Television. It also garnered a "Best Drama Series" at the Environmental Media Awards. The show was nominated for two Emmys, Best Title Sequence (which it won) and Best Music for a Title Sequence. The episode "Erlenmeyer Flask" was nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Best Episode and Television Series.

During its second season, _The X Files_ was chosen as Best Drama of 1994 by _Entertainment Weekly_ , and won a Golden Globe for best television drama. _X Files_ cinematographer John Bartley was nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Award for the episode "Duane Barry."

/X-Files Episode Survey/

Gary Dontzig, a writer on _Murphy_Brown_, says, "I have a theory that out of 25 episodes, if you do five that are spectacular, you're in the big leagues." That's a batting average of .200.

An online survey of favorite episodes for first season was conducted by Charles McGrew. The results are below.

How did your favorite episodes/writers rate?

Rating Scheme of 1 (Mediocre) to 4 (Spectacular):

Total number of Ballots received: 116

Episode Title -- Ave. Vote -- #of Votes/ "4" Votes

Erlenmeyer Flask -- 3.74 -- 102/78

Tooms -- 3.60 -- 93/62

Squeeze -- 3.56 -- 95/57

Beyond the Sea -- 3.52 -- 112/72

Ice -- 3.45 -- 108/60

E.B.E. -- 3.44 -- 90/54

Deep Throat -- 3.43 -- 89/48

Eve -- 3.36 -- 107/57

The X-Files -- 3.36 -- 94/39

Fallen Angel -- 3.27 -- ??/??

Fire -- 3.02 -- 111/25

Darkness Falls -- 3.01 -- 100/30

Conduit -- 2.99 -- 91/23

Gender Bender -- 2.91 -- 106/25

Roland -- 2.86 -- 100/19

Lazarus -- 2.74 -- 99/9

Shadows -- 2.74 -- 102/16

Young at Heart -- 2.64 -- 88/8

Miracle Man -- 2.58 -- 101/11

Born Again -- 2.53 -- 97/7

The Jersey Devi -- 94/8

Ghost in the Machine -- 1.99 -- 102/6

Space -- 1.72 -- 106/3

Total Show Average is 2.97 -------------------------------------------------------------------------/Deep Background-Fox Mulder/

Agent Fox Mulder, an Oxford-trained psychologist with

a!photographic memory, is one of the FBI Violent Crimes

division's best agents, although he is in disfavor with

not only his superiors but also his colleagues because of

his interest in the Bureau's X files. He stumbled upon

these files, dealing with unexplained phenomena, during

his first three years with the Bureau, as a crack analyst

in the Bureau's behavioral sciences department. [Chris

Carter, _Starlog #201_, April 1994]

His fascination with the paranormal stems from a

childhood incident -- his sister Samantha disappeared from

their home in Chilmark, Mass. (pop. 650) when he was 12

and she was 8. Mulder claims she was abducted by aliens;

during regressions he recalled hearing his sister's cries

for help, and a bright light which kept him paralyzed and

told him that his sister would be all right. [Conduit]

This memory differs from a dream Mulder experienced one

night [Little Green Men]. Mulder has come in contact with

an alien hybrid who claimed to be Samantha and an alien

bounty hunter who told him that his sister was alive. He

has voced to continue his search for her [Colony/End Game].

Mulder's early meteoric rise at the Bureau enabled him

to make high-placed friends in Congress -- one of them

being SETI proponent and influential senator Richard

Matheson [Little Green Men]. These contacts had kept him

from retribution from higher-ups, although they assigned

him a partner, with the tacit idea of discrediting what he

does so that he can be dismissed. However, Mulder picked

up a somewhat vacillating ally in a mysterious covert

individual known as Deep Throat. [Deep Throat, Fallen

Angel, Eve, Young at Heart, E.B.E., Erlenmeyer Flask].

Deep Throat was killed by an equally mysterious covert

opponent (Crew Cut Man) during an attempt to rescue

Mulder. Mulder confirmed his burial at Arlington "through

eight-power binoculars from a thousand yards away."

someone who is referred to as X.

[Sleepless] This mysterious man has been less than helpful

to Mulder than his dead colleague. Mulder has also been

told by an unknown individual that he has "a friend in the

FBI" [The Host]. This friend may or may not be be

Assistant Director Skinner [One Breath].

At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut

down and Mulder was reassigned to wiretap surveillance

[Little Green Men, The Host]. He also reluctantly acquired

a new partner, Special Agent Alex Krycek [Sleepless, Duane

Barry, Ascension], a younger agent who purported to be a

believer, not only in Mulder's ideas but in Mulder

himself. But Mulder's days in this mind-numbing duty were

numbered. Assistant Director Skinner obliquely

acknowledged that the X Files bureau served a valuable

purpose in dealing successfully with the Bureau's oddball

cases [The Host] and was bringing to light information

that other covert parties would prefer to keep buried

[Ascension]. Following the disappearance of Mulder's

former partner Dana Scully, Skinner officially reopened

the X Files [Ascension].

Mulder is known around the Bureau by the nickname of

"Spooky" [Pilot, Young at Heart] both because of his

uncanny ability to process information and leap ahead to

logical conclusions, and because of his interest in

paranormal phenomena. "He is considered a loose cannon, a

person who is maybe wasting time and money, and also his

expertise, on an area the Bureau thinks has very little

value." [Carter, Starlog] Due to an incident on one of

his first Bureau assignments (a fellow agent was killed)

[Young at Heart], he eschews following investigations "by

the book," opting instead for his own instincts and

methods. He keeps notes for his field reports in a

handwritten journal [Born Again]. His favorite alias is

George Hale [Little Green Men; Sleepless].

We believe Mulder doesn't "have a life," as we have

seen nothing of his off-duty activities. However, some of

this may stem from a relationship he had at Oxford ten

years ago with a woman who is now with Scotland Yard

(Phoebe Green [Fire]). He apparently was in love with her

but she not with him. With the dissolution of the X Files

division, however, Mulder may have been trying to revive

his social life; an answering machine message berated him

for missing a lunch date [Little Green Men].

Mulder's birthdate is Oct. 11, 1960 [X Files Fan Club

newsletter]. He has a fear of fire [Fire], which may have

been conquered during his rescue of the children of

British MP Sir Malcolm Marsden (who also happened to be

Phoebe's latest fling). He is also a fan of the National

Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). [Space] He

has a habit of unshelling shelled sunflower seeds (a habit

he shares with his father [Aubrey]), and making droll

comments which X-Philes have come to note as "Mulderisms."

Mulder enjoys wearing moderately wild ties to work, and seems to be a New York Knicks fan [Beyond the Sea, Little Green Men] as well as a Washington Redskins fan [Irresistible]. He appears to had a fondness for classic rock [minor references, Beyond the Sea, Gender Bender] and classic science fiction movies [Tooms, Erlenmeyer Flask], and iced tea seems to be his nonalcoholic beverage of choice [Tooms]. He also keeps himself physically fit by running [Pilot, Deep Throat] and swimming [Duane Barry].

There are suggestions that Mulder has an interest in pornography -- in "Jersey Devil," we see Mulder looking at the centerfold of some "men's magazine" talking about how the woman claims she was abducted by aliens; in another episode Scully remarks that she hadn't seen Mulder that excited since she caught him going through the Adult Video News; a third episode mentions a subscription to Celebrity Skin, and he appears to be viewing a porno video in a fourth [3]. As a psychologist, he favors using hypnotic regression as a psychological healing tool, and hates the unnecessary use of medication [Born Again].

/Deep Background - Dana Scully/

Dana Katherine Scully is a medical doctor with an undergraduate degree in physics from the University of Maryland [Jersey Devil]. She was recruited for the FBI right out of medical school, and had been teaching at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. She was assigned by Section Chief Scott Blevins to be Mulder's partner in order to keep an eye on him and determine whether he is perhaps too obsessed with the X files.

Scully is skeptical of anything paranormal, believing that everything has a logical, scientifically-quantified explanation. Though in most of the cases she and Mulder have been on she has not witnessed any overt paranormal activities, she has had brushes with unexplainable phenomena that may have her start questioning her beliefs [Beyond the Sea; Lazarus; Born Again; Erlenmeyer Flask; Fresh Bones; Colony; End Game]. However, she is determined to uncover the science behind the phenomena [End Game].

At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Scully was reassigned, returning to the FBI academy at Quantico, Va. to isntruct new agents on the bascis of forensic medicine [Little Green Men]. However, Mulder called upon her expertise in violent crime cases to which he has been assigned [The Host, Blood]. Scully was abducted by escaped mental patient Duane Barry and disappeared [Ascension]. After a three-month absence, she showed up at a Georgetown hospital in a coma [One Breath]. She revived and recovered, and is back as Mulder's partner.The missing memories during her disappearance may be surfacing, however [Irresistible].

Scully is a middle child; she has one older and one younger brother [Born Again], and an older sister, Melissa [One Breath]. Her father died early in 1994; they were apparently close at one time (she called him Ahab; he called her Starbuck), but her family disapproved of her joining the Bureau. [Beyond the Sea] She had a yearlong relationship with an instructor at the Academy, Jack Willis, with whom she shared the same birthdate (Feb. 23). [Lazarus] She is just as much a workaholic as Mulder, and is currently not seeing anyone [Jersey Devil].

Scully drinks her coffee with cream, no sugar [E.B.E.]. She was raised as a Catholic [Miracle Man]. She wears a necklace bearing a small cross, which was left behind in the car in which she was abducted [Ascension] and was returned to her by Mulder [One Breath].

/FBI Superiors/

Section Chief Scott Blevins (Charles Cioffi) is with the Violent Crimes Section of the Bureau. [Pilot] Blevins assigned Scully to be Mulder's partner, and her field reports are sent to his office. [early episodes]

Section Chief Joseph McGrath (Frederick Coffin) is with the Office of Professional Responsibility [Fallen Angel] and seemed determined to have Mulder fired and the X Files shut down.

Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) is one of the Bureau higher-ups reading Muld's and Scully's reports. He warned both Scully and Mulder that their unorthodox methods of investiation may have dire consequences [Tooms], and followed through by shutting down the X Files division at an order from the highest levels of government [Erlenmeyer Flask]. He has since had second throughts and reopened the X Files [Ascension]. He has also overtly showed his support for Mulder [One Breath; End Game].

Kit29@aol.com is keeping an FAQ on Assistant Director Skinner and his real-life portrayer Pileggi.

/Recurring Characters/

[Season 1] "Deep Throat" (Jerry Hardin) is a mysterious individual believed to be some sort of higher-up government official. Mulder contacted him via a blue light shining from his apartment window; DT called Mulder and signaled him with a series of clicks [E.B.E.]. The method of choosing a meeting place was not determined. He appears to have been exterminated in the episode "The Erlenmeyer Flask."

Speculation on Deep Throat is contained in Internal Affairs X-File Inquiry #875110-6249 [aka the Deep Throat FAQ, posted by Special Agent Jeff Gostin].

[Season 1 and 2] "Cigarette Smoking Man" (William B. Davis) is another mysterious individual who, like Deep Throat, appears to be a higher-up government official with some power. Assistant Director Skinner seemed to be deferring to his opinion early in our notice of him [Tooms] but Skinner ordered him out of his office during a discussion with Mulder after the agent had abandoned his assignment to investigate possible alien contact in Puerto Rico [Little Green Men]. CSM also kept a silent watch on the proceedings in Blevins's and Skinner's offices and buried vital evidence in a secret Pentagon storage room [Pilot, Erlenmeyer Flask]. He also used Special Agent Alex Krycek to keep an eye on Mulder and any of Mulder's investigations [Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension]. Mulder pulled a gun on him and threatened him with death in his studio apartment (at 900 W. Georgia St.) [One Breath].

[Season 1 and 2] "Lone Gunmen" Byers (Bruce Harwood), Langly (Dean Haglund), and Frohike (Tom Braidwood) are three of Mulder's sources who work at "The Lone Gunman," a publication dealing with perceived government conspiracies. Frohike has a crush on Scully [E.B.E., Little Green Men, One Breath; Fearful Symmetry].

[Season 1 and 2] Margaret Scully (Sheila Larken) is Dana Scully's mother [Beyond the Sea, Ascension, One Breath]. She has had certain unexplained perceptions about her daughter [Ascension], leading to indications that Scully herself may be extranormally perceptive [Aubrey].

[Season 2] Special Agent Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) moved into the role of Mulder's partner with the unexplained murders of former Vietnam veterans [Sleepless]. We discovered, however, that Krycek had a hidden agenda, as a lackey for Cigarette Smoking Man: keep an eye on Mulder and keep him from finding out information that would bring certain covert activities to light [Sleepless, Ascension]. With the disappearance of Dana Scully and the reopening of the X Files, Krycek himself has disappeared [Ascension].

[Season 2] "X" (Steven Williams), an acquaintance of Deep Throat, is even more mysterious than his predecessor. X's information is even more reluctantly shared. Mulder is able to contact X by taping an X to his front window and shining a light through it [One Breath; Colony; End Game].

/Deep Background-Chris Carter/

Chris Carter, 37, began his career as a screenwriter in 1985 at The Walt Disney Studios. Previously, Carter had been working as a freelance journalist, writing and traveling extensively abroad. At Disney, Carter wrote and produced several television movies in addition to the television pilot _Cameo by Night_ for NBC and _The Nanny_, a sitcom for The Disney Channel. He took a short leave of absence from Disney to co-produce the second season of the comedy series _Rags to Riches_, starring Joe Bologna, and returned in 1989 to create and executive produce "Brand New Life," a recurring comedy series which ran as part of a rotating schedule on Disney's Sunday night lineup. [Fox press packet for _X Files_]

Carter's favorite X Files episodes so far are: Beyond the Sea, Colony/End Game, Duane Barry, Sleepless, and Fresh Bones. {AOL X Files conference March 94).

/Deep Background - David Duchovny/

David Duchovny, 34, is probably best known for his memorable role as the transvestite detective Dennis/Denise in the television series "Twin Peaks." A native New Yorker, Duchovny graduated from Princeton University and then earned a graduate degree in English literature at Yale University, preparing for a career as a teacher. While at Yale, he began commuting to New York to study acting and was soon appearing in off-Broadway plays. In 1987, in the midst of his doctoral studies, he left Yale to pursue acting full time.

Duchovny (pronounced doo-kuv'-nee), 6'1" tall, was born August 7, 1960. His parents, Amran (a publicist for the American Jewish Committee) and Margaret (an elementary school teacher) divorced when he was 11. He has one brother, Daniel, and a sister, Laurie. He has a girlfriend, actresss Perrey Reeves, and resides in Malibu, Calif. [Fox press packet for _X Files_ and _People_ magazine, April 18, 1994 issue].

A FAQ on Duchovny is posted on the first of the month by Kellie Matthews-Simmons (matthewk@ucsu.colorado.edu) and Sarah Stegall (munchkyn@ix.netcom.com).

There are various "hormone brigades" devoted to Duchovny. The David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB) mail list and its sister group the DDEB-2 list are both full. You can still join the Duchovniks list by sending the message "Subscribe duchovny-L <yourfirstname> <yourlastname>" to walterh@netcom.com


New Years Day 1988

Working Girl 1988

Bad Influence 1988, 1989

"Twin Peaks" 1990

The Rapture 1991

Julia Has Two Lovers 1991

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991

Denial 1991

Venice/Venice 1992

Ruby 1992

"Red Shoe Diaries" 1992--present

Chaplin 1992

Beethoven 1992

"Baby Snatcher" 1992

Kalifornia 1993

"The X Files" 1993

/Deep Background - Gillian Anderson/

Gillian (pronounced jill'-ee-an) Anderson first gained

recognition as an actresss for her off-Broadway

performance in Alan Ayckbourne's "Absent Friends" at the

Manhattan Theater Club, for which she won a Theatre World

Award. Her love of theater began in high school where she

participated in community theater. In college, Anderson

studies with the National Theater of Great Britain at

Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and then at the

Goodman Theater School at Chicago's DePaul University,

where she obtained her BFA degree.

Anderson, 5' 2" tall, was born August 9, 1961 and

lives in Los Angeles. [Fox press packet for _X Files_]

She is married, and gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on

Sept. 25, 1994.

She is not related in any way to Jo Anderson who

appeared as Diana in the television show _Beauty and the

Beast_. Nor is she the woman that appears in the current

Saturn commercials.

A FAQ on Anderson has been put together by Alan

Sawyer. There is also a GA mail list> Send e-mail to listproc@mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu with the message

"Subscribe gillian-anderson@mcfeeley.cc.utexas.edu

<firstname lastname>." If you have problems subscribing,

contact chicken_feet@mail.texas.edu.


Home Fires Burning 1992

"The X Files" 1993

"Exit to Eden" (audiotape) 1993

-------------------------------------------------------/The Romance Aspect/

There will be *no romance* between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Everyone readily admits that there is some attraction, a "sexual tension," between the characters. However, neither series creator Chris Carter, nor actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, nor most X-Philes, want a full-blown romance to develop.

Carter "firmly believes that a series can be 'ruined' if the characters cross the boundaries of sexual tension." [Starlog #201, April 1994] He has also confirmed that Scully and Mulder will not have a romance in almost every online conference and interview that he has had. In the AOL conference in March, when asked when the two characters would get together, Carter replied, "When Hell freezes over."

Anderson [Starlog Platinum #2] says, "I don't want that to happen, David doesn't want that to happen, [Chris Carter] I don't think wants that to happen. The show's not about intimacy between us; it would be a huge mistake to make it about that. Both of our characters are single-minded about our work and respectful enough not to complicate it in any way. We [eventually] warm up to each other, and there are times when there's more sexual tension than others, but it's not going to be a romantic relationship."

Duchovny's viewpoint [Starlog #202, May 1994]: "Having a friendship and a professional working relationship with a woman is much more interesting....It's very easy to just jump into bed. That doesn't take much imagination."

So: don't even think about it!

/The Pregnancy/

Although actress Gillian Anderson was pregnant, her condition was not reflected in the show's scripts. Contrary to published rumors, the character of Dana Scully will *not* be pregnant -- by aliens, Elvis :-), or otherwise. Anderson appeared in the first six episodes of the season and was written purposely out of the seventh. She returned in the eighth episode, "One Breath." The production company filmed "creatively" to disguise the pregnancy,.

Anderson gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on Sept. 25, 1994.


*Wearing Apparel etc.*

X Files shirts, mugs, and caps have made an appearance at various locations.

Suncoast Pictures, a video chain that carries related media merchandise, is carrying the above items; look for the store in a city near you. :-)

Starland not only is carrying a variety of officially-licensed T-shirts, hats, posters, mugs, and magazines, but is showcasing their merchandise in a zine called "The X Factor!" This zine has information about the show as well as color photos of the merchandise. To get on their mailing list, e-mail your snail mail address to starland@aol.com, with <X!> in the subject heading. You can order merchandise by calling 1-800-733-8735 (faxing to 303-671-0302) or sending your order snail mail to Starland, P.O. Box 24590, Denver, CO 80224-2590. Order hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. Starland frequently posts merchandise information (like order numbers) to alt.tv.x-files, and if you are on AOL, they can of course be e-mailed at their address for this info.

Mail order company 800-TREKKER has T-shirts, caps, mugs, and the X Files novel, and other UFO-related merchandise. They can be reached at 1-800-TREKKER (fax 1-800-FAX TREK).

Time Warner's Viewer's Edge, is offering an X File shirt and cap (different from Suncoast offerings). They can be reached at P.O. Box 3925, Milford, CT 06460; phone 1-800-947-3928 (24 hours a day) or (fax) 1-203-876-8234.

Delphi is also selling a different group of official X Files merchandise through their X Files Special Interest Group. A sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, keychain, and letterjacket are available only through the SIG on Delphi.

In the U.K., Escape Comic Books (7, Cheapside; Reading; Berkshire; RG1 7AG; UK) has apparently agreed to run a mail order system for X Files merchandise. (They're next door to the Odeon Cinema, says UK X-Phile Steve Robson).Their phone number is (0) 1734 575131.

Other U.K. merchandise sources are the (famous) Forbidden Planet, New Oxford Street, London; and The Vintage Magazine Company, 39/43 Brewer Street, London, NW1. Both stores apparently have mail order sections.

Posters are also available from Rick's Movie Graphics, P.O. Box 23709, Gainesville, FL 32602-3709; phone 904-373-7202. This is *not* the "I Want To Believe" poster from Mulder's office; that was a special one made for the show and is not available.

Lori Singer has _X Files_ scripts and photos for sale. Some of the photos have never been published anywhere! For more information, e-mail her at lsinger@aol.com.

Scripts and photographs are also available through Hollywood Script Library, 8033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 982, Dept. N, Los Angeles, CA 90046. They can also be reached at LASCRIPTS@aol.com.


Original novels are also being published, to be written initially by award-winning horror writer Charles L. Grant and published by HarperPrism. The first X Files book, _The X Files: Goblins_, ISBN 0-06-105414-3, is now available at bookstores. The second book, _Whirlwind_, ISBN 0-06-105415-1, is due in May. The third book, _Hunter,_ is due out later in the summer.

Grant is one of the most respected writers and editors in the fields of horror and fantasy, a winner of two Nebula awards for science fiction writing, and three World Fantasy Awards, and the British Fantasy Society's Life Achievement award. He is perhaps best known for his editing of the _Shadows_ and _Greystone Bay_ series of anthologies. [Tor book biography]

Topps Comics is publishing an _X Files_ comic book. The writer is Stefan Petrucha; artist is Charles Adlard; covers by Miran Kim. The first and second issues are reportedly sold out. [Topps Copics is an arm of the baseball-card company, and currently produce comic books based on other TV and movie characters as well as the usual superheroes.] The third issue recently made its appearance. Topps will also be doing X Files trading cards, to come out later this year (late summer is rumored).


An X Files CD with Mark Snow's music from the show is being mastered and will be available sometime this year :-) from Fox Music. Snow also did the soundtrack for _In the Line of Fire_ (movie), _Born to be Wild_ (movie), _Children of the Dust_ (TV miniseries), and _Oldest Living

Confederate Widow Tells All_ (TV miniseries), among others.

Also, there are rumors that Fox is tentatively considering a big-screen X Files movie, and an _X Files_ spinoff.

Chris Carter admits that he has been approached to do a spinoff, but denies that one is actively in the works, saying that he wants to concentrate on his current show

for the time being.

/Fan Club**Fanzines/

*Fan Club*

The X-Files Fan Club was formed with the sanction of 20th Century Fox and Ten Thirteen Productions in March 1994. A year's subscription is $20 ($30 Canadian). The fan club, a nonprofit organization, plans to produce a newsletter/magazine every two months, containing news, interviews, pictures, episode guides, bibliographic information, more information on topics brought up in the show, and other items. Although net-fandom will be well represented (one section of the newsletter will be called "The Buzz from the Net"), the newsletter is targeted at general fandom.

Submissions are welcome! Electronic newsletter submissions may be sent to x-files@info.rutgers.edu. A postscript version of the fan club membership application may be ftp'd from ftp.rutgers.edu; the file is pub/x-files/membership/flier.ps.

For more information, send a SASE to:

X Files Fan Club, P.O. Box 3138, Nashau, NH 03061-3138


X Files Fan Club, c/o S. Bartle, 4404 Perry St., Vancouver, BC Canada V5N 3X5

There is also an X Files fan club in Australia. Write to: The X Files Fan Club of Australia, P.O. Box 402, Niddrie Vic. 3042.


Deb Walsh (debwalsh@delphi.com or deb walsh@aol.com; 2 Spring Hill Terrace, Somerville, MA 02143) publishes a fanzine called _The Manifest_ which deals with various paranormal-oriented television shows, including _The X Files_. Issue #3 is currently available. E-mail or send a SASE for more information.

_Incident UXP_ is an _X Files_ fanzine being published by Debbie Roberts of Hangar X Publishing, 2419 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Issue #2 is now available. A limited supplu of Issue #1 is still available. Send a SASE for more information.

OtherWhen Press is planning a crossover fanzine

(characters meet characters from other media universes) called Crossfiles, which will include crossovers with the _X Files_ universe. Planned publication date is May 95.

For information (send a SASE) or to reserve a copy ($5 and a SASE) write to OtherWhen Press, c/o Beth Bowles, 722 Brownstone Rd., Larimer, PA 15647

Mary Wardell is planning an _X Files_ fanzine called "Travels with Mulder." For more details and/or submission guidelines send an SASE to Prime Time Press, c/o Mary F. Wardell, 2104 SE 28th Place, Portland, OR 97214

Betsy Vera is planning an _X Files_ fanzine called

"X-treme Possibilities." For more information or submissions guidelines, send a SASE to: Bentley Press, c/o Betsy Vera, P.O. Box 4356, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, or e-mail her at betsy.vera@mailgw.uprod.music.umich.edu.

"Impossible Dreams" is a Quantum Leap fanzine, but there

is an X Files story in it. For more information, send a SASE to Lucy Green, MacWombat Press, 2500 Jackson-Keller #601, San Antonio, TX 78230.

"Of Dreams and Schemes" #9 has a long X Files/Highlander crossover. They are also looking for stories for future issues. For more information, send a SASE to Catherine Schlein, 6755 Union St., Arvada, CO 80004.

"Remote Control," a multi-fandom genzine, is looking for X Files submissions for issue 5, due out in May 1995. For more information, send a SASE to Kathy Agel, 9-11 Ayres Court, Bayonne, NJ, 07002-3510, or send e-mail to Badkarma1@aol.com.

"Layup," an adult fiction zine based on the characters portrayed by David Duchovny, is looking for submissions. Deadline is April 1, 1995. For more information, send a SASE to Debbie Roberts, Hangar X Publishing, P.O. Box

9653, Colorado Spring, CO 80932.

"Deus X Machina" is a planned X Files fanzine from Tara O'Shea. For information, send a SASE to Deus X Machina,

c/o Tara O'Shea, 611 Lead Ave. SW, Apt. 911, Albuqueraue, NM 87102, or e-mail to johanna@hydra.unm.edu.

"Property of the FBI" is an X Files fanzine carrying fiction from alt.tv.x-files.creative. For more

information, send a SASE to Lucy Green, MacWombat Press, 2500 Jackson-Keller, Apt. 601, San Antonio, TX 78230.

Issue #1 is available.

"The Skeptic and the Believer," an X Files fanzine, is looking for submissions. Issue 1 will debut at Eclecticon 95 in October of 1995. For more information, send a SASE

to Kathryn Agel, 9-11 Ayres Court, Bayonne, NJ 07002-3510, or e-mail Badkarma.1@genie.geis.com or Badkarma1@aol.com.

"Imagine That" is looking for X FIles contributions. For submission guidelines or zine information, send a SASE to Brenda M. Cunningham, Box 123, Assiniboia Saskatchewan, CANADA S0H 0B0 (all zeros -- not letters).

"X-Talk" is an X Files letterzine whose first issue premiered in September 1994. Issue #1 is $3 and a 4-issue subscription will run $10, checks payable to Marg Baskin. Letters may be typed or on disks (WordPerfect 6.0/5.1/5.0, WordStar 6.0/4.0/3.3, or ASCII, 3.5 in. or 5.25 high or

low density); label disks as they will be returned with your issue. Address letters, inquiries (include a SASE),

or suggestions to Anime House Press, c/o Marg Baskin and Heather Bruton, 28 Woolwich St. S., Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA N2K 1R9. (They are accessible via e-mail at marg@asd.raytheon.CA)

"Wrapped in Plastic" (a Twin Peaks fanzine) devoted a full issue to the X Files in August. The 40-page issue contained a complete episode guide with commentary and analysis, map of the U.S. showing where each episode took place, and an interview with Gillian Anderson.

The first printing sold out, and a second printing was done. WIP #12 is available from: Win-Mill Productions,

1912 E. Timberview Lane, Arlington, TX 76014. Cost is $6 ($5 plus $1 postage).

/Electronic Mailing Lists/

There is an Internet mailing list for _The X Files_, run

by Reid Fishler, which discusses the episodes currently being aired in North America. To sign up for the list,

send a message to listproc@chaos.taylored.com with "subscribe X-FILES <your name>." For a moderated version

of the list, substitute X-FILES MOD for X FILES above. For more information, send e-mail to the above address stating INFO X-FILES in the message.

The Smart Young X-Philes (SYX) Weekly Newsleter (for X-Philes 21 years old or younger) is available. For information, e-mail rummerd@ix.netcom.com.

A UK mail list, discussing season one, is also available. E-mail to listserver@leicester.ac.uk with "INFO

X-FILES-UK" in the body of your message. A second UK mail list has also been established. Send a note to Listproc@ uel.ac.uk with the notice "Subscribe XFiles <Firstname Lastname> in the body of the message.

/Miscellaneous information/

As a result of an informal poll conducted Spring 94, net.fans of the _The X Files_ have chosen (with a 73% approval rating) to be called X-Philes. The name seems to have caught on in the media, with its use in many articles on the show and its online contacts.

There is a list of Mulderisms and Scullyisms being kept by Samuel Ziegler (ziegler@jhu.edu) and is available through his X Files homepage (listed with FTP Sites and Home

Pages) If you cannot access the Web, or wish to submit entries to the lists, please e-mail him.

Weapons: Scully carries a Sig-Sauer P230. Mulder currently uses a Sig Sauer P229.

Numbers: The number 11:21 that continues to appear on digital clocks in the show is a salute by Chris Carter to his wife, whose birthday is November 21. Ten Thirteen Productions was named after Carter's own birthday, October 13.

So far Mulder has fired his gun five times (to scare away wolves [Conduit], to kill John Barnett [Young at Heart],

at the shapeshifter creature [Shapes], a morphing terminator alien [End Game] and at a possible alien being [Little Green Men] though no shot actually left the gun), and Scully, four times (three shots to stop the air duct fan [Ghost in the Machine], once to wound Lucas Henry [Beyond the Sea], three shots, to kill [so we thought] Warren Dupre [Lazarus], and once at the murdering twin [Humbug] that she saw in a mirror).

Both Mulder and Scully have been shot once (Mulder, critically, in the upper femur in Beyond the Sea; Scully, in the chest though wearing her protective vest, in Young at Heart).

Mulder and Scully have been quarantined three times after potential contact with an infectious organism -- at the

end of the episodes Ice, Darkness Falls, and Firewalker.

Mulder has lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), Deep Throat (undetermined), E.B.E. (undetermined), and Little Green

Men (undetermined). Scully has lost time in the Pilot (9 minutes), E.B.E. (undetermined), and Ascension/One Breath (approximately 3 months).

For the morbid: X Files' death toll to date: 135 [through Hunbug/second season]

Scully's FBI ID number is 2317-616, her home phone number is (202) 555-6431, [Ghost in the Machine.], her cellular phone number is 555-3564 [Sleepless], and her X File

number is 73317.

Scully and Mulder met for the first time on March 6, 1992 X.T. (X Files Time) [Pilot].

Mulder has a computer at home, and his password is TRUSTNO1. He was a fan of the television show "The Magician" as a child. [Little Green Men] Mulder lives in

an apartment (#42) in Alexandria [Novel:Goblins]

Ten Thirteen's production crew has had cameos (names and bodies) in various episodes: First Assistant Director Tom Braidwood appeared as _Lone Gunman_ photographer Frohike

in "E.B.E.", "Blood," "One Breath," and "Fearful Symmetry," and his name was used as the person taking over Howard Graves's parking spot in "Shadows" and as Mulder's alias to get into the secured government compound in Washington State in "E.B.E." Ken Kirzinger, stunt coordinator, appeared as Richter in "Ice." Hair Stylist Malcolm Marsden's name was used for the British PM in "Fire." Vladimir Stefoff, First Assistant Director, had

his name (as Val Stefoff) used as Scully's alias to get into the compound in "E.B.E."

Story ideas: _The X Files_, like almost all network TV shows, does not accept unsolicited scripts or story ideas. If you have them, you will need to get yourself an agent

to submit them to the show. Story ideas or scripts sent to the show unagented will be returned or tossed in the

trash. Ideas, scripts, and stories can be posted for other fans' enjoyment to the newsgroup alt.tv.x-files.creative.

Conventions: Creation Con has a license to run the

Official X Files convention. The following dates, places, and guests have been tentatively set up so far:

Valley Forge, Pa. -- 5/27, Brad Dourif (Boggs-Beyond the Sea)

San Diego, Calif. -- 6/11, Dourif, Howard Gordon (supervising producer/writer)

Seattle, Wash. -- 6/24

Fresno, Calif. -- 7/30

Pasadena, Calif. -- 8/26

For more specific information, contact Creation Entertainment at 818 / 409-0960, or send a SASE to them at 411 N. Central Ave., #300, Glendale, CA 91203.

/FTP Sites and Home Pages/

*FTP Sites*

Cory L. Scott (cls6@midway.uchicago.edu) runs a Macintosh FTP site at cybercow.rh.uchicago.edu .The opening theme

has been digitized as .iff and .snd (mac) formats.The directory path is /pub/Xfiles. The opening music is in /pub/Xfiles/Song. He also has other _X Files_ sounds for the Macintosh, this FAQ, the current Episode Guide and

Deep Throat FAQ, and GIFs and JPEGs as well.

Another FTP site is run at ftp.cs.nmt.edu. The FAQs, episode guide, music, images, and fan fiction can be obtained here; directory path is /xfiles.

An FTP site is at ftp.rutgers.edu (/pub/x-files), storing only the graphic and sound files.

The FTP site aql.gatech.edu also carries X Files material: sounds, .gifs, and creative stories; directory path is /pub/xfiles.

Another FTP site is at wuarchive.wustl.edu, carrying MS_DOS sound files. The directory path is /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/sounds/X-Files.

An FTP site, trustno1.pc.cc.cmu.edu (previously pc19101.pc.cc.cmu.edu), is run by Eric Shapow, es5z+@andrew.cmu.edu. It contains most of the

a.t.x-f.creative material, and accepts pictures, sound files, and animations. This student-run server will be up until May 18.

An FTP site in the UK, ftp.aston.ac.uk, carries the creative material.

The site ftp.shore.net , run by Pete T. Manolakos (ptman@shore.net), carries text files only; directory path is /members/ptman/x-files.

*Home Pages*

Charles Mcgrew (mcgrew@klinzhai.rutgers.edu) has established an http server which contains an X Files mosaic page. This page includes the theme music, miscellaneous sound bites, this FAQ, Episode Guide, DT FAQ, pictures of the cast, and links to other FTP areas, among other things. The path is: http://www.rutgers.edu/x-files.html.

Liam Bahneman (roland@cac.washington.edu) also has an X Files web server. Its menu is available at


Dan Benjamin's (dpb@macignet.macignet.net) X Files home page has been re-established. It can be found at http://www.macignet.net/~dpb/x/ .

Samuel Ziegler (ziegler@jhu.edu) keeps the Mulderisms and Scullyisms list. There documents are available by

accessing his homepage: http://server.cs.jhu.edu/~ziegler/xfiles.html. If you cannot access his homepage please e-mail him for information about his list.

Stephen Banks's (sbanks@printnet.com) home page contains features available to Netscape 1.1 users, but can be accessed by other applications without losing the flavor

of the page. He will have a clip of the current week's X Files show in Quicktime format, plus the previous week's clip and a clip of the next week's episode. It can be reached at http://www.printnet.com/xfiles/xfiles.html.

Stefano Cobianchi (cobianch@cs.unibo.it) has an X Files homepage on an Italian server, and is looking for

feedback. It can be reached at http://www.cs.unibo.it/~cobianch/index.html.

A Norwegian X Files home page (written up mostly in Norwegian) can be found at http:// bundy.hibo.no/~Larsen/x-files.

Vancouver Magazine's WWW page, http://www.vanmag.com/Village or http://www.Direct.Ca:80/Village also has a map of

Vancouver showing the various sites where _X Files_ has been filmed and what episodes filmed there.

Other X Files Mosaic home pages are at http://rschp2.anu.edu.au:8080/XFiles.html http://www.uml.edu/~ccashman/x-files/x-files.html http://www.teleport.com/crawford/x-files/HomePage.html http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~db3521/xfiles.html http://www.interpath.net/~cybervox/x.html (X Files/paranormal resources) http://www.public.iastate.edu/~sbwright/xfiles.html http://www.mindspring.com/~torgo/xfiles.html

/Other Electronic Info/

An X Files discussion is held at 10 p.m. Eastern time (right after the aired episode ends in the U.S. Eastern/Central time zones) on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels #xf (no bots) and #x-files (bot-controlled).

An X Files Bullletin Board System (BBS) is offered in the San Francisco Bay Area. This BBS carries gifs, jpegs,

bmps, and a.t.x-f.creative text files. Phone number is 916/549-3185. The sysop is Jon Mankowski (counselor@interramp.com). The BBS carried gifs, wavs, and a.t.x-f creative stories.

The Spring has an X Files forum in its TV Conference area. To access, telnet to spring.com, and log in as "new"

(don't add quotes). You will be asked a few questions, but there is no charge for access.


Team Leader: Special Agent Pat Gonzales, gonza006@maroon.tc.umn.edu (Internet) or LauraHolt@aol.com (America Online)

Team members: Tonya Yount, Cliff Chen, Kris Jones, James Drentner, Cory Scott, Laura F. Jenkins, Jerry Jones, Charmaine Lazaro, John Anthony Ruchak, Jeff Gostin,

Charles Mcgrew, Andrew Waite, Paula J. Vitaris. Michael A. Chary, Manuel A. Quesada, Anne Jensen, Henry Lee, Scott Steyns, Paul Rabwin, Ngaire Genge --------------------------------------------------------