Are we communicating with Mars or other planets?

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We of Vangard have found a series of interesting correlations which became evident with the following article, found in a book entitled "Other Tongues, Other Flesh", written by George Hunt Williamson and published in 1965 in Great Britain.


Marconi and his secret Communication System

In 1921, Marconi, father of wireless communications, believed he

had intercepted signals from extra-terrestial intelligences, either from Mars or some point in outer space.

The theory that the waves were produced by electrical disturbances was disproved by the regularity of the impulses.

Marconi conducted highly secret experiments before 1921 and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was in direct contact with beings of other worlds.

A woman in California writes:

"During World War I, I was teaching in Scotland. In 1918, headquarters of the Y.W.C.A. in London wrote offering me the position of head of their branch office in Chelmsford near London.

The main station of the Marconi World-Wide Wireless was also there. Many men from Britain died in World War I and it was my job to look out for many young girls away from home.

I took room and board with a couple somewhat older than I.

The husband was a very intelligent person and had a responsible position with the Marconi Wireless Company.

One day, he asked me if I would like to go through the Marconi Station. I was delighted to go. During my tour through the laboratories I was startled and almost petrified when we arrived in front of a HUGE, TEN-FOOT SQUARE, TRANSPARENT CASE inside of which seemed to be A FLAMING MASS...FLAMES REVOLVING LIKE A WHEEL!

I asked my friend what this was and he said that they HAD BEEN RECEIVING WIRELESS MESSAGES SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE THE EARTH!

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???? I asked him to be more specific. And he said: 'My dear girl,

we have stations all over the Earth, but CERTAIN CODE IS NOT



My friend then told me that Marconi at that moment was in Australia conducting experiments and trying to discover more about this momentous happening.


I have never mentioned this experience before, and I believe Marconi kept his work secret because he knew what the world would say."

The lady who had the above experience lives in Santa Barbara, California and is a respectable citizen of that city.


Tesla's Communication with Mars

In his famed Colorado Springs experiments, electrical genius Nikola Tesla claimed he had received strange rhythmic sounds on

his receiver. Tesla supposed Venus or Mars to be the most likely sources. No one at that time (1899-1900) had ever heard of such phenomena as regular sounds from space.

In 1902, Lord Kelvin paid a visit to the United States. During

his visit, Kelvin proclaimed himself in complete agreement with Tesla on two controversial issues : 1) that Mars was signalling America and 2) that the conservation of nonrenewable resources was

of critical importance to the earth.

Not until the 1920's were such counting codes again picked up by astronomers and given official credence. Nowadays, "listening" to

the stars is commonplace.


Mysterious Deaths of Marconi Affiliated Scientists

In March of 1988, 52 year old scientist Trevor Knight was found

slumped at the wheel of his car in his garage. Carbon monoxide poisoning was listed as the cause of death.

Knight was working as a computer services manager in the guided weapons division of Marconi, a high-tech British defense firm.

Marconi has led the field in weapons-technology research from its first days as a developer of INTELLIGENCE-GATHERING DEVICES for M15, the British FBI.

Trevor Knight was the latest in a series of 25 unsolved deaths beginning in 1982 within the British defense industry, most were either directly working for Marconi or doing contract work for them.

Only superficial inquiries have been made into the very peculiar circumstances involving many of the deaths. Several of the deaths have been deemed suicide by local coroners while others were listed as accidents, no matter how bizarre the situation.

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???? Yet no evidence has come to light showing an organized conspiracy,

either domestic or foreign. A U.S. intelligence expert concluded

it "probable" that "an enemy intelligence service" was involved.

No suicide notes were found after most of the deaths and the victims appeared happy with both their families and work, most looking forward to the future. This is directly opposite to the classic suicide profile.

In all but one or two cases, no independent witnesses to the deaths were found.

Although Defense research is a high-stress occupation, most of the victims were not suffering from unusual stress.

Responding with indifference, evasion, contradiction and outright disinformation, the British government, local law enforcement and defense firms have ignored the profusion of these mysterious deaths.

An Opposition member of Parliament called for an investigation by

the Defense Mystery two years ago. He recently reversed himself

and began stating the official ministry line....that the deaths

are coincidental and the true enemy is job related stress AND THAT FURTHER INVESTIGATION MIGHT HARM THE NATIONAL INTEREST.

Marconi is now under investigation for $1.6 billion in alleged

fraud and contract padding. It therefore seems possible that several of the dead scientists were either potential whistleblowers (and consequently murdered) or were implicated in the inquiry (and killed themselves).

One of the victims had worked on a highly classified project called COSMOS. This project involved underwater torpedo research which had direct applications to the US "Star Wars" program.

In one month, April of 1987, five deaths occurred.

Shani Warren, working for a digital communications company called MicroScope, was found drowned in 18 inches of lake water. Four weeks later, GEC, Marconi's parent company, acquired MicroScope.

Warren was found gagged, with a noose around her neck, her feet

bound with rope and her hands tied behind her back. Police estimated a "50/50" chance of suicide, as did the Home Office pathologist. The coroner listed the case as still open.

George Kountis, a systems analyst at Bristol PolyTechnic, was found dead in his upturned BMW in the Liverpool River.

A week earlier, Stuart Gooding, an employee at the Royal Military College of Science, died in a car crash in Cyprus under mysterious circumstances.

One week after the deaths of Warren and Kountis, Mark Wisner, a 24 year old software engineer, was found dead in his home. Around

his head was tied a plastic sack with nine feet of plastic wrap around his face. The coroner concluded that death was caused by asphyxiation brought on by a sexual experiment gone wrong.

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???? August 1986, 24 year old Vimal Dajibhai, computer programmer

working on the TigerFish torpedo project for Marconi, drove to a

240 foot high suspension bridge west of London. He apparently

walked along the edge and fell to his death. Police reports noted

a needle-sized puncture mark on his left buttock. Dajibhai was

anticipating a new career in London's financial district.

Two months later, another Marconi computer expert, Arshad Sharif tied one end of a rope around a tree and the other around his neck. Sharif then got in his Audi and stepped on the accelerator. Again, the coroner deemed the death a suicide.

David Sands, another Marconi computer scientist was working on a secret radar project when he died in an auto crash in March 1987.

He placed a can of gasoline in his car and drove at 80 miles an hour, in clear daylight, into an abandoned cafe. His body was burned beyond recognition.

John Whiteman, a computer expert for British Aerospace, was found drowned in his bathtub. Around the tub were empty bottles of whiskey and sleeping pills, although blood tests revealed no trace

of drugs and only a small amount of alcohol in his system.

John Ferry, senior Marconi employee chairing a NATO research

committee, was found dead with two electrodes taped to the fillings in his molars and connected to a power line.

Jonathan Wash, a digital communications expert at GEC in November 1985, fell from his West Africa hotel room after expressing fear

for his life.

And finally, Peter Peapell, 52 year old metallurgist and lecturer

whose work had attracted a high security classification. Two

years ago, after returning home from an evening of playing

"Trivial Pursuit" with friends, Peapell's wife went to bed, leaving him to put away the car. The next morning Peapell was found in the garage, underneath the car and with his mouth neatly aligned with the end of the exhaust pipe of the car, the motor still running. According to police, the position was impossible

to get into with the garage door closed. The inquest recorded an open verdict and the case remains unsolved.


Flame as a Plasma Transducer

It has long been known that flame can be modulated with a wide

range of frequencies by stimulating the flame with an electrostatic field of sufficient intensity.

In the early 70's, a company developed a system of speakers which used open flame to modulate the air to form audible waves. The principle uses a flame, generated from a propane, butane or other

gas source which is influenced by an audio modulated electrostatic field.

Flame has a frequency range up to and beyond that of visible light. In addition, the reproduction of the original signal is completely without distortion if properly controlled.

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???? Tesla created a flame which he described as "burning without

consuming material or even a chemical reaction".

This came about during research performed in 1900, when Tesla created ball lightning in his lab. He mentioned the formation of sparks into streamers which formed "fireballs".

Modern plasma physics holds the theory that the fireball receives

its energy from its surroundings by a naturally created electromagnetic field and that the DIAMETER OF THE PLASMA SPHERE DEPENDS ON THE FREQUENCY OF THE EXTERNAL FIELD SO THAT A RESONANCE OCCURS.

John Keely, father of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, also claimed that OSCILLATIONS OCCUR across the DIAMETER OF THE MASS.

The term Plasma refers to a high-temperature, ionized gas that is electrically neutral. The motion of the gas is dominated by

electromagnetic interactions and because it is an excellent conductor, plasmas interact directly with electromagnetic fields.

The study of plasmas is called Hydromagnetics or Magnetohydrodynamics.

Although modern researchers have yet to create fireballs (ball

lightning consisting of rotating plasmas) under controlled conditions, Tesla maintained that he had learned to create the phenomenon AT WILL (this in the very early 1900's).

Remember that the witness to the tour of the Marconi plant described the communication device as ;



Revolving flames is an apt description for a plasma torus which could be modulated electrostatically or electromagnetically (as

with the flame transducer) for the transmission/reception of information.

The transparent case might well have contained deflection plates

which would not only modulate the torus but tilt it for directional control of the communication beam.

In addition, the beam would most likely possess laser-like properties in that the dispersion (inverse square spreading of a beam when emitted from a source) over tremendous distances would

be minimal. This again would be conducive to inter-planetary or inter-stellar communications.

The possibilities also exist for use as an earthly communication system, especially if the nature of the signal is that of Hooper's

MOTIONAL (pure electric charge) FIELD which is invisible to capacitive and inductive energy sappers.

The amplitude (flux density) of the torus is controlled much like

a standard fluorescent tube.

In such a tube, a gas or combination of gases is kindled by an alternating current source which causes the gas to ionize and essentially ignite. Once this occurs, the power is reduced to a

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???? much lower level sufficient to sustain the plasma.

The Marconi company is still a very prominent company with

worldwide connections and contracts. Marconi is also heavily involved with defense, computer and communications projects.

From these many interesting correlations, we find reason to believe that :

1) a fantastic communications systems has been developed and

utilized for equally fantastic purposes

2) a level of contact has been established with other

cultures not native to the earth

3) the probability of an exchange of scientific information

between diverse non-earth cultures would lead to radical

new observations and technologies

4) the probability of contact with non-earth cultures might

have led to a visit in a physical form for purposes

unknown (aka, UFO's)

5) government awareness of such activities and technologies

has led to suppression and death of those who threaten


The question generated from all this is WHY are we not being made

aware of such technologies, only discovering them by chance investigation by admittedly "unorthodox" researchers?

If such a communication system existed in the 20's, what has it evolved to by now, with the development of modern technology?

In the near future, with releases of information as in this paper,

we can expect to see companies with names like PLASMACOMM, TELEPLASMA, PLASMAVID, etc.


We wish to thank Jack Veach for supplying the data

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