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  Ottawa Doctor Regains License From Board Of Healing Arts
     TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - An Ottawa physician whose license was
 suspended in 1989, partly because of his belief in UFOs and
 extraterrestrials, has regained the right to practice.
     In a voice vote Saturday, the Kansas Board of Healing Arts
 lifted the suspension against Dr. Scott Corder, whose license was
 suspended in March 1989.
     The board effectively said that Corder was now competent to
 practice medicine, but it did not say he was mentally competent
 when his license originally was suspended in 1989.
     Corder can resume his medical practice as soon as he renews
 malpractice insurance required by state law, the board said.
     Corder, who still has a lawsuit pending against the board and
 its former executive director, Richard Gannon, said he was
 surprised but delighted by the board's action.
     The past three years have been an ordeal, but one Corder has
 been ``able to tolerate because of my religious beliefs,'' he said.
     The suspension cost Corder $350,000 in savings and other assets,
 including his home, he said.
     Corder's attorney said Corder will try to recoup that loss from
 the board through the pending lawsuit.
     When the board suspended Corder's license, it said he was unable
 to practice medicine with ``reasonable skill and safety to patients
 as a result of a mental condition.''
     Corder had refused to submit to a mental evaluation by a
 board-appointed psychiatrist. But three other psychiatrists and a
 psychologist all later found that Corder was competent to practice
     Corder said he expected his skills to be rusty after months of
 not practicing medicine, but he does not doubt his skills.
     ``It's like riding a bicycle. It all comes back to you very
 quickly,'' he said.
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  Newly-Reinstated Doctor Says He Needs Cash
     OTTAWA, Kan. (AP) - Now that he has recovered his license to
 practice medicine, Dr. Scott Corder says he will return to work if
 he can about $17,000.
     Corder, whose license was suspended in 1989 partly because of
 his belief in UFOs and extraterrestrials, said he needs about
 $7,000 to pay for state-required malpractice insurance.
     He also needs about $10,000 to pay for an office, equipment and
 employees, he said.
     Raising the money may be difficult, he said.
     ``A lot will depend on the insurance company and how they view
 the past,'' Corder said. ``That may not be as big a problem as
 funding (for an office.)''
     Corder said he may set up a medical van to make house calls.
     ``It's kind of a dream,'' he said. ``That's the kind of medicine
 I want to practice.''
     The Kansas Board of Healing Arts Saturday lifted its suspension
 of Corder's license, effectively saying he is competent to practice
 medicine. But the board did not say that Corder was mentally
 competent at the time of the suspension.
     Corder is suing the board and its former executive director,
 Richard Gannon, for losses due to his suspension. Corder said he
 lost about $350,000.
     Corder refused to submit to a mental evaluation by a
 board-appointed psychiatrist. But three other psychiatrists and a
 psychologist all found him competent to practice medicine.

         STAR, Kansas City, MO - Aug. 19, 1991 CR: V.White
The Associated Press
   TOPEKA - The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has turned a temporary suspension
into an indefinite one for Stephan Corder, a former family physician who has
refused to submit to a mental evaluation following publication of his 1989
book on unidentified flying objects.
   His license was suspended in March 1989 and board members ordered him tio
submit to a mental examination because they thought his beliefs about UFOs
could affect his ability as a doctor.
   The board made the suspension indefinite Saturday because of Corder's
refusal to get a mental exam. The former Ottawa, Kan., physician has lost
every battle in his effort to win back his license.
   In May, a retired judge denied Corder's administrative appeal by ruling in
favor of the board on all issues in the dispute.
   Corder has filed a lawsuit against the board in Shawnee County District

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     UFO Believers Reported Missing, Then Turn Up En Route to Israel (AP2var  )
     Associated Press Writer
      RUSSELL, Kan. (AP) - four UFO believers whose unexplained
   disappearance worried this small Kansas town for days turned up at a
   Washington, D.C., airport on their way to Israel.
      Interviews with the women Thursday confirmed they left Russell
   voluntarily, said Sheriff Bob Balloun.
      Relatives of the four women had all expressed concerns when they
  disappeared earlier this month, and Balloun said sheriff's deputies
  spent days chasing down leads.
      FBI agents interviewed the women as they were preparing to leave for
  Tel Aviv, Balloun said. They were traveling with Scott Corder, a
  physician from Ottawa, in eastern Kansas, who lost his medical license
  in 1989 for mental unfitness after revealing he believed in UFOs.
     "The FBI agents talked to them. They identified themselves. They
  talked freely and said they were OK. They said they were traveling of
  their own free will," Balloun said.
     The women's disappearances were initially treated lightly by
  townspeople in Russell, a west-central Kansas town of about 5,000, the
  hometown of Republican Sen. Bob Dole.
     Two convenience stores posted signs this week saying ''Official UFO
  Fuel Stop'' and "Free Mars Bar With Every UFO Fill Up."
     But the jokes were replaced by concern as the disappearances
  continued to confound family members and investigators.
     Marcia Brock, 46, a Russell high school teacher, and her daughters,
  University of Kansas students Stephanie, 20, and Sonya, 21, were last
  seen Sept. 9 at the funeral of a friend who also believed in UFOs.
     Donna Butts, 39, was reported missing from her home southeast of
  Russell on Sept. 17.
     Mrs. Butts has written two books, one with Corder, suggesting that
  angel-bearing UFOs will rescue chosen survivors from a nuclear
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