Islander, Pensacola, Fl. Dec. 7, 1994

By Carole Baker

UFO activity seems to be on the rise again in the Gulf Breeze area. Still exhilarated from the events of the evening of November 7, skywatchers at Shoreline Park were treated to

another night of spectacular sightings on Wednesday, November

30. Between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., skywatchers observed an incredible total of 30 lights in varying combinations appear in the skies visible from their vantage point in Shoreline Park. Unlike previous sightings recently which have involved groups of red/amber lights generally appearing in one portion of the sky over Deer Point. At about 7:48 p.m., a triangle of red lights

with a glowing amber center was observed in the sky between the Dunes Hotel and Sans Souci. This triangle of lights was seen to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction before it "blinked out".

Later in the evening in the sky above the toll booth on Fort Pickens Road, three amber light appeared in a row formation.

A small red light was observed shooting out and up from the left end of this configuration. This small red light was then replaced by another row formation of red lights from which another small red light shot away. This last red light was seen to travel east across the sky, turn to a dull white color, then back to red. It hung in the sky at one point for about ten seconds before finally being lost from sight.

Local UFOlogist are very encouraged by the increase in activity in the area after several quiet months. Those who skywatch on a regular basis are excited about recent developments and hope for a continued escalation of sightings here in Gulf Breeze. Keep on watching the skies!