The Examiner, Peterborough Ont.


REGINA (CP) -- Residents of Langenburg, Sask., are looking skyward more often these days after reports of a strange flying object or objects hovering silently in the air around the town.

"Everybody is talking about it," said RCMP Sgt. Herman Fogen, Who is investigating the sightings in southeastern Saskatchewan near the Manitoba boundary.

"Everybody is looking for some positive proof this really is a UFO."

A group of high school students and two teachers first reported seeing a brightly lit object near the town of 1,400 on the night of Oct. 11.

Two days later -- on Friday the 13th -- a similar object was reported to have paid a morning visit to a farm 10 kilometres south of the community.

"I am convinced there is something strange happening in the area," said teacher Bob Markham, who said he watched the strange object for 10 to 15 minutes after students alerted him and another teacher. Fogen said he has no reason to think the reports are a hoax or disbelieve the witnesses. He said he is compiling statements and will send the results of the investigation to the National Research Council.

"According to the paper we read the Russian people are talking to aliens, so there's no reason we shouldn't be able to see them at least," said Fogen.

"We'er going to interview all the kids, get statements from them and put them all together and see if we get something consistent."

Rose Neumeier, 39, said she was sitting at her kitchen table talking on the telephone shortly after 10am Oct. 13 when she saw a huge, silvery object silently float over her farmyard for two to five minutes.

"There was sort of a flash of light and at first I kind of chalked it off to a passing car on the road," she said. "But the light was sort of stationary. It was there and i looked up and saw it."

"I was scared at first and curious. You're transfixed and you're just sort of looking."

The object, above nine metres long and three metres thick, hovered about 30 metres in the air no more than 15 metres from the house, said Neumeier. She said it looked like two pie plates face to face and had a flat top and a bottom like corrugated steel. Brilliant light was reflecting from the joint between the top and the bottom. "It made no noise at all," said Neumeier." "The cattle weren't disturbed, the dog wasn't disturbed. If Ihadn't caught the flash of the light I probably wouldn't even have noticed it."

"It just kind of rose in slow motion. It went north of the yard, kind of curvd through the hayfield above the field, then circled out over the barn and the corrals and went back across the pasture and off through the trees."

Neumeier said she didn't report the sighting to police-- Foen asked her about it after hearingery least the government can do is tell us against whom we are fighting and why."

Though the document has made a splash in the UFO community, its individual authors have managed to remain unidentified. According to Barry Greenwood, head of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, "We can't endorse the document, since we don't know the source. If the people who wrote this have some inside information, we'd better see some evidence pretty soon." --Jerome Clark OMNI MAGAZINE November '88 Pg82