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UFO sighting reported near Persain Gulf

DOHA, Qatar - The official Qatar News Agency said Monday it had received serveral reports of an unidentified flying object over the northern Qatar peninsula Sunday night.

The agency said many people described a "bright revolving disc with changing color that emits a low hissing sound".

The apparition lasted for three hours, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., and the object, "which was shaped like a helicopter pilot's cabin", eventually took off "like a rocket", the accounts said. It did not say whether photographs were taken.

The agency said that earlier UFO sightings were reported in Qatar on December 30 and that similar sightings were reported recently in Kuwait.

The reports prompted one Arab publication to quip that "alien powers" may have decided to join the current foreign military buildup in the troubled Persian Gulf region. (DPA)