The NASA briefing was undermined in order to redirect the media away from the real briefing in Greenbelt. NASA sent out a press release which arrived that Monday at the differnet media groups. It said that/ they were holding a press conference downtown on Mars. USA Today and the Washington Post who told Richard Hoagland that they would be there were diverted to the wrong meeting that just happened to be scheduled at the same time. As I had told you before they were trying to pull the rug out from under the briefing and they did just that by keeping it out of the publics eye. They also refused to video tape the briefing, but Richard Hoagland had his own people tape this meeting.

I'm trying to bring this to the publics eye from behind the scenes. I hope someone will listen and see the history making events here.


Daily Star, London, 10-01-88

Ronald Reagan is convinced he saw a UFO, it was revealed last night.

He was so amazed he ordered the pilot of the plane he was in to follow the mystery object as it zig-zagged zcross the night sky.

The President said later: "When I got off the plane, I told Nancy all about it and we read up on the long history of UFOs. "You know even the Egyptains referred to UFOs in their hieroglyphics."


Veteran pilot Bill Paynter, 72, who was at the controls, said: "President Reagan and the others called my attention to a big light flying a bit behind my plane. It appeared to be several hundred yards away. It was a fairly steady light until it began to accelerate, then it appeared to elongate.

The close encounter, revealed in a new book, backed up Reagan's theory about aliens in space-- apparently he once said he believed in flying saucers.

Oct. 5, '88 NBC's Unsolved Mysteries carried the story of the Gulf Breeze UFO! At least 130 people saw this thing. The show even had the Polariod pictures taken by a guy. These pictures are the ones I have been waiting to see. He even captured it on videotape! But from what I saw of the photos the best was the one where he shot the picture through the windshield of his truck. The videotape also was great, but they still can't compare in my opinion to the 8mm film and hundreds of still photos taken by Eduard Meirer in Switzerland. Unsolved Mysteries need to do the story on Meier too.

The CIA is nervous. It's sitting on a time bomb, and there's no way to defuse it. It has known for 40 years that extraterrestrials are visiting the earth on a "strange and incomprehensible" mission. And it has done everything in its power to keep that fact from the American people, the media, the scientific community, and even a president-or so says a mysterious document recently received by President Reagan and assorted members of the UFO community.

The proclaimed sender is a San Antonio-based organization called Justice for Military Personnel, or JMP. Amoung other things, JMP claims that the CIA, in a desperate attempt to get hold of UFO technology, sent military pilots out in pursuit of alien craft. As a result, says JMP, a number of pilots died. To make matters worse, the letter adds, the CIA kept this act from President Carter, who asked NASA about UFO research but was never told what had taken place.

JMP, which claims to represent the principle victims of the alleged cover-up, the military men who died, says, "The very least the government can do is tell us against whom we are fighting and why."

Though the document has made a splash in the UFO community, its individual authors have managed to remain unidentified. According to Barry Greenwood, head of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, "We can't endorse the document, since we don't know the source. If the people who wrote this have some inside information, we'd better see some evidence pretty soon." --Jerome Clark OMNI MAGAZINE November '88 Pg82