18 January 1989: Somerville, Ohio, USA

At 3.57 a.m. a retired air force man, awakened by his barking dog, observed three oval-shaped objects fifty yards away. He woke his family and together they watched for most of two hours as the objects moved low over nearby farm buildings and land, displaying various bright colors which covered the surfaces from an apparent belt of light on each. At one point, the father and son chased the objects by car before losing sight of them. Shortly thereafter. two of the objects returned over an adjacent field before departing again. (Dick Seifried, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 259, Nov. 1989)

24 January 1989: Valliant, Oklahoma, USA

More than a dozen witnesses gave almost identical reports of an hour-long display of luminous objects. One family described two large objects, diamond or triangular in shape, with red, blue, and white lights, at tree-top level, accompanied by four or five other smaller bright objects which made individual maneuvers around the larger objects. (McCurtain Daily Gazette, Idabel, Oklahoma 1 Feb. 1989)

30 January 1989: Benfleet, Essex, UK

At 9.40 p.m. a witness reported seeing a large object "the size of a double-decker bus" moving slowly and silently across the sky at about 800-1,000 feet altitude. It had two sets of lights or windows along the centre and the length was estimated at 250-300 feet (Figure 10:1). (Ron West, East Anglian UFO & Paranormal Research Association)

30 January 1989: Montauk, Long Island, NY, USA

A Triangular- or diamond-shaped object was observed by Captain David Gaviola and two crew members of his fishing boat, just after leaving Montauk Harbor. The object, which appeared to be about 150 feet long, caused the boat's radar set to fail. It "turned belly-up and then cruised west, then south, climbing higher until it disappeared," reported the witnesses, after which the radar set became operational again. (Russell Drumm, Star, East Hampton, NY, 9 Feb. 1989)

8 February 1989: Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

A policeman reported seeing a triangular-shaped flying object a mile away from the A46 road near Stroud (Swindon Star, Wiltshire, 16 Feb. 89)

10 February 1989: Fyffe, Alabama, USA

Many witnesses reported seeing a 'banana-shaped' aircraft in DeKalb County [leading to some amusing comments in the British tabloids about 'Fyffe's bananas'! - Ed. ] 'There was a red light on each end and a white line between them, 'one witness in Grove Oak reported to the police. 'The top of the curve was outlined in green lights.' When the craft turned, the green lights splayed outwards 'like fireworks'.

Police chief Junior Garmany and assistant chief Fred Works were sent to investigate. 'It was completely silent 'said Garmany. 'We got out of the car and turned off the engine and the radio.

When we started towards it, it began moving away.' The officers followed the object in their car for about twelve miles, then it suddenly reversed direction and silently flew over the heads of the startled officers at an estimated altitude of 1,000-1,500 feet. 'We figured it was going about three or four hundred mile an hour,' Garmany reported. 'It looked like an airplane at first, and it was moving fast,' added Works. Garmany said that the object was 'bigger than a jumbo-jet' and 'oval-shaped', while Works described it as triangular-shaped'. The object appeared to be metallic in hue, and had no wings, windows, or letterings, with flashing green, red, and white lights along the sides. White lights dotted the bottom, which appeared to be shining upward, illuminating the bottom of the strange aircraft.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office received over fifty telephone calls about the sightings. One terrified Lickskillet resident 'was about to have a heart attack and his wife was screaming, 'an Official said. 'He said it came over at tree-top level and that he had shot at it with a 12-gauge shotgun.'

Spokesmen at various airports and Air Force and Air National Guard bases said none of their aircraft was in the DeKalb County area on the night in question. (Elton Roberts, Times Journal, Fort Payne, Alabama, 14 Feb. 1989; News Journal, Pensacola, Florida, 23 Feb. 1989) [Numerous sightings were subsequently reported during the following weeks. - Ed. ]

13 February 1989: Nalchik, Checheno-Ingush, USSR

At 21.30, Beslan A. Shogenov, a militia (police) lieutenant, Claimed to have seen an extraordinary aerial craft. 'At first I thought it was a passenger jet crashing,' he said, 'but it seemed about ten times the size of a plane. It had a sharp nose, a tail at the back, and very short wings, from which sparks fell to the ground, and clusters of lights continually came out of the tail (See Figures 10:2,3). I was particularly amazed by the huge portholes along the side of the machine, which were brightly illuminated. I counted ten of them. No people could be seen. All this took place in total silence. I was afraid the thing might explode, but it flew toward the Chegem forest, hovered for a few seconds, the whole sighting lasted about five or six minutes.'

A junior sergeant, Artur Aiubov, observed the same (or similar) object at about 22.00: '. . . I saw something fantastic in the sky. My impression was that this was an aircraft on fire, but it was moving so slowly and silently, and emitted bright lights like searchlights, trailing a tail as if from a bright red flame.'

Among hundreds of other witnesses who saw the object as it flew over large areas of Dagestan and Checheno-Ingush were doctors, militia personnel, and a Nedetya correspondent, Uri Gergokov. (Nedelya, No. 23, 1989, translated by Nikolai Lebedev)

20 February 1989: Basildon, Essex, UK

A motorist claimed to have been followed for ten minutes by a 12-inch metallic disk as he was driving along the A12 road from Brentwood. The disk was moving at about three feet above the road and twenty-five feet behind a car in front, which was seventyfive yards away. (Southend Evening Echo, 23 Feb. 1989; Essex chronicle, 3 March 1989) [The witness was also interviewed by the East Anglian UFO & Paranormal Association who found him to be sincere. - Ed. ]

23 February 1989: Russell, Kansas, USA

On 20 February, an object was said to have landed east and slightly north of Russell, Kansas. An unnamed woman described it as huge, about the size of a football field . . . a city of lights' Frightened, she left the area. On 21 February, a 'prominent lady and a male friend' claimed to have sighted eleven objects, and twenty-two on 22 February. Also on that date, a motorist caught sight of a group of lights. Other witnesses gave matching descriptions. The objects maneuvered soundlessly. At one stage, five of the UFOs joined into a formation and hovered above the town.

The objects reportedly moved swiftly, 'coming to a sudden dead stop and hovering'. In the hover position, the lights blinked in a specific pattern. (Irene Jepsen, Daily News, Russell, Kansas. 24 Feb. 1980)

25 February 1989: Benayeo, Victoria, Australia

Mrs Nella Williams claimed to have observed a large oblong object which remained stationary in the sky for five minutes, at 7.30 a. m. She reported that the object was very bright and shiny with a dome shape at the rear end, and it disappeared without any apparent movement. It was 'there one moment and gone the next' she said. (Advocate, Eden Hope, Victoria, 1 March 1989)

February-March 1989: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hundreds of sightings were reported by witnesses, including doctors, lawyers, students, and government officials. Most of the sightings were made from forty miles north-east of Guatemala City. 'We saw two red lights far off in the distance, 'reported Juan Carlos del Monte. 'They seemed to be playing around out in space.

Then suddenly, one began to move. Within thirty seconds, it was flying over our heads. It was bigger than a jumbo jet, and it did not make a sound. It was circular in shape, with one red light and three amber lights.' (David Kirby, UPI, Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Arizona, 5 March 1989)

12 March 1989: Fyffe, Alabama, USA

Gary Coker observed an extremely large object with red and green flashing lights on the side and two white lights on the bottom. The object suddenly vanished. Five miles away, another witness, at exactly the same time (7.30 p.m.), said that an object the size of a football field hovered over his chicken house. It was a metallic blue, with two white lights underneath and red and green lights on the sides. (Weekly Post, Rainsville, Alabama, 16 March 1989)

14 March 1990: Over the French Polynesian Islands

At 6.30 a.m. (EST), radio ham Donald Ratsch, who had been monitoring the communications of the space shuttle Discovery from his home in Baltimore, Maryland, heard the following communication: 'Houston, Discovery, we have a problem We have a fire'. Checking his recorder, he found that it had stopped, and inserted another tape. At 6.42 a.m., the following message was recorded: 'Uh, Houston, Uh, this is Discovery. We still have the alien spacecraft under observance.'

Between 6.30 and 6.40 a.m., another radio ham in Baltimore, Ron Trump, reported hearing the transmission: 'Kicking in breakers. Houston, we have a problem . . . We have a fire.' The communications of the Discovery (S TS-29) astronauts were being retransmitted over several frequencies by the Goddard Space Amateur Radio Club (WA3NAN) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Only the unclassified channel or channels were being broadcast on 147.450mhz. Extensive investigation by Vincent DiPietro (whose report is available from the Fund for UFO Research) and former NASA mission specialist Bob Oechsler, revealed that the recorded voice was probably not that of any of the astronauts on board, according to Voice Identification Inc., a New Jersey company, for example, who concluded:

...the results of our analysis fall in the 'probable' range because of the limited number of words on the questioned recording. . . With the additional samples that you sent us we were able to locate more repetitions of each word, giving us a better basis for determining the intraspeaker variability of [crew member] Dr. Bagian's voice. From our preliminary analysis, his was the only one of the five astronauts whose voiceprints exhibited enough similarity to the questioned speaker to warrant further analysis. Upon further analysis... we found that there was more dis-similarity than similarity, indicating that Dr Bagian was not the questioned speaker... It is our opinion that in all probability none of the five astronauts made the questioned transmission. This analysis carries a low degree of confidence due to the previously mentioned limitations.

Colonel John Blaha, the captain, whose voice was also considered a possibility, denied that the incident had ever occurred. Bob Oechsler has told me that none of the communications heard by the radio hams was located on the official Discovery tapes and that the transmissions were made from the Fort Meade, Maryland area- where the National Security Agency has its headquarters.

He is also puzzled by the fact that a N A S A source informed him that an incident involving a UFO, lasting eight hours had in fact taken place, causing extensive electrical problems on board.

17 March 1989: Perm, Siberia, USSR

Many witnesses observed a flying object, with a diameter of thirty metres, moving at an estimated speed of 70 k.p.h. Suddenly it change to a vertical trajectory, accelerating to an estimated 7,000 k.p.h. At one stage a beam of light extended then retracted from the object. Soviet Youth , July 1989)

March 1989: Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

A retired F-4[Phantom] pilot took three Polaroid photos of a UFO from the Garcon Point peninsula at about 3.45 p.m. 'I was able to snap three photos in rapid succession before the object departed to the west,' the witness said. 'I'm not sure what I photographed but it wasn't one of our local aircraft. This thing made no noise and climbed away like a rocket. I can't reveal my name because my co-workers would think I flipped out... '(Figure 10:4) (Sentinel, Gulf Breeze, Florida, 30 March 1989)

21 March 1989: Longmont, Colorado USA

According to a member of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, UFOs were tracked at the FAA's en route centre at Longmont, Colorado. 'Longmont air traffic controllers at several sectors were astonished to see numerous "UFOs" appearing on their radar displays,' said centre spokesman and safety chairman Kevin Cain.' These unidentified targets looked like actual aircraft, with apparently normal speeds and altitudes', Cain's written statement said. 'Some controllers had a dozen or more of these targets over a half-hour period.' But Mitch Barker, an FAA spokesman at the regional office in Seattle, debunked the report. 'They were having a problem with the transponders that automatically send information from the aircraft to the centre,' he said. (Coloradoan, Fort Collins, Colorado, 26 March 1989). [Editor's note: Some military aircraft with sophisticated jamming equipment can generate dozens of false radar echoes, each aimed slightly differently, creating the impression of a whole squadron of planes arrayed at various intervals across the sky. It is highly unlikely that such equipment would be use in the vicinity of a civilian air traffic control centre without adequate warning, but the possibility cannot be overlooked.]

April 1989: Bogota, Colombia

Bogota's international airport was put on a state of alert after a UFO flew over it, forcing aircraft preparing to land to divert to another airport 500 kilometres away, according to several passengers. The soundless UFO was detected on radar and seen by a number of witnesses, including passenger Teresa Sanchez, who stated that the captain announced that he was changing course due to the presence of the UFO. (Journal Noticias, Portugal, 3 April 1989)

21 April 1989: Haifa, Israel

At 2.20 a.m. a young Israeli couple, Alon Eilat and Ada Biderman, were driving along a beach in Haifa when they noticed a huge glowing light over the sea, emanating from an object. The couple got out of their car and saw the object begin to descend appearing to change shape. The object fell noiselessly for about six seconds and came to rest on the beach about 300 metres away. The witnesses estimated the object at about twenty metres long and six metres wide.

On landing, the object suddenly burst into a huge pillar of flame and emitted white/blue sparks. Thinking an aircraft might have crashed, the couple ran towards the craft to help, but were prevented from doing so by the intense heat. After about ten minutes, however, they were able to get closer, and as they approached they noticed that within the flame was a lump of heated, elliptically shaped material. This material had some holes in it which gradually became larger until they formed a large hole, from which sparks and flames continued to appear. The couple threw stones on to the fire in an attempt to stifle the flames, which only grew larger.

The couple summoned the police, who also made a vain attempt to put out the fire with stones. At 3.OO a.m. the police sent for Israeli UFO researcher Hadassah Arbel, who by the time she arrived found a formless lump of crispy white and extremely light material that was still hot. The object had come down on a dry, rocky part of the beach, surrounded on most sides by the sea, and within a radius of fifteen metres of the lump the sea was bubbling.

It was still bubbling when Hadassah Arbel left at 5.00 a.m.

Samples of the remaining material were sent to various laboratories for analysis. Iron, zinc, niobium, indium, copper, arsenic, molybdenum, antimony, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, titanium, and manganese were among the substances found during a university analysis arranged by the Canadian UFO Research Network (C UFO R N). 'Of great significance is the presence of technetium, 'it was noted. 'If this can be confirmed, this element is not present in the crust of the Earth.' [Technetium is a fission product of uranium. - Ed.]

21 April 1989: Crestview, Florida, USA

At 9.15 p.m. a man, alerted by his barking dogs, saw a disk hovering overhead within a few hundred feet. The object, which made a humming sound, was estimated to be 90 feet in diameter, with window-like sections around the perimeter and a brilliant white light centred on the underneath. The witness grabbed a .22 calibre rifle and took aim, at which point a beam of light engulfed him and the weapon misfired. The object then sped away. (Allen Reynolds, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 259, November 1989).

24 April 1989: Cherepovetsk, Vologda, USSR

According to local inhabitant I. Veselova, a strange object, three times larger than a plane, flew over the city of Cherepovetsk. The UFO coasted at an altitude of 300 metres absolutely noiselessly, leaving a large radiant trail. ( Trud, 24 June 1989)

1 May (?) 1 989: Llandudno, North Wales, UK

Douglas Haig Hughes, a retired former RAF gunner together with his wife, sighted a 'cylinder-shaped object' which approached from the Glan Conway area about 600 feet up and proceeded towards Llandudno. 'It was massive in diameter 'said Mr Hughes.

'It appeared at first to be moving at about 45 to 55 m.p.h. Then it slowed down and flashed a bright red light, like an infrared light, from the window of the cylinder on to us We didn't feel anything. When the light went out, it travelled on towards Llandudno It was definitely not from this earth. . . There was no noise at all '(North Wales Weekly News, Conway, Wales, 4 May 1989)

2 May 1989: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

At 9.00 p.m. several witnesses saw a very large black silent object shaped like a 'triangle or Manta-ray fish' with shimmering edges, which during the few minutes of observation 'changed its form three times, appearing to revolve around itself before showing its true form'. (Figure 10:5) (G. & D. Dillon, East Anglian

UFO & Paranormal Association)

10 May 1989: Bautista Canyon, Anza, California, USA An elderly woman was driving from the Bautista Canyon area when she noticed a mushroom-shaped luminous craft, measuring an estimated thirty feet in diameter, that descended and hovered slightly above powerlines. She stopped her vehicle and observed about six to eight beings emerge from the craft and begin working on the outside. After approximately ten minutes they re-entered the object, which departed with a loud humming sound and a burst of blue flame. There were reports of T V and electrical interference at the time. (Debbie Steinberg, Anza Valley Outlook, Anza, California, 2 June 1989

16 May 1989: Perm, Siberia, USSR

An object allegedly landed on the banks of the River Kama, leaving rectangular marks measuring 12 x 4 metres. (Soviet Youth, July 1989)

28 May 1989: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Witness Mr Gilmore claimed to have had a close encounter with a UFO shortly after 1.30 a.m. '. . . I could see depth and everything into it,' he reported. 'The bottom was shaped like the bow of a boat . . . It looked large to me but there was nothing to judge it against. I held up my index finger to get a relationship but it's hard to judge. I guess it was about 1,500 to 2,000 feet away and about 800 feet wide . . . It was shimmering and what looked like heat waves radiated from it, but there was no heat.' (Randy LaBoucane, Examiner, Edmonton, Alberta, 11 June 1989)

6 June 1989: Konantsevo, Vologda, USSR

A group of children outside the village of Konantsevo observed 'a fast-increasing luminous dot in the sky, which soon turned into a shining sphere' the official news agency T A S S reported. 'The mysterious object reportedly landed in a meadow and rolled to a nearby river as the children looked on no more than half a Kilometre away They claim that they saw the sphere kind of split and something resembling a headless person in dark garb appeared in the meadow It struck them that the alien's hands hung lower than his knees. At that moment, however, the "flying craft" melted into the air, while the creature from it proceeded to the village. 'TASS quoted'eyewitness'accounts as saying that three more spheres later touched down in the same meadow. 'Just like the very first one, the rest of the spheres and their "passengers" quickly became invisible.' ( UPI, Moscow, 24 June 1989)

4 July 1989: Kiev, USSR

Vera Prokofievna, Alexsandra Stepanona, and a young girl claimed to have had a bizarre encounter with three 'aliens' in a strange 'boat' on a canal, towards twilight. The beings wore silvery, collarless suits, and their faces were identical and pale, with long, golden hair and large, radiant eyes 'Are you tourists? Where are you from?', the witnesses asked. The beings replied in Russian, but with a strange accent: 'We have flown from another planet. The whereabouts of this planet is beyond human understanding. If you come with us you will understand Every day we take one person from Earth. We will show our ship to you 'At this Point - the 'aliens' came out of their 'boat'.

One alien went in front of the women and the other two went to their side. The witnesses tried to run away but felt tingling sensations and were unable to move or shout They explained to the strangers that they were unwilling to accompany them as they had families to look after. Through some trees could be seen a 'spaceship', which resembled a giant, silvery-white barrel with a round aerial at the top. 'Well, we will not take you with us We will find others,' the strangers allegedly responded, then entered the craft by means of a step-ladder, and took off quickly and silently. A local UFO researcher, A. F. Pugach declared that in his opinion all the witnesses were truthful. In addition, the Iskuskovi Family in Podgorczi, near Kiev, claimed to have seen a large, round flying object, together with people in silvery suits, which landed at 22.40. (Adapted from Nikolai Lebedev's translation of an article appearing in Nedelya, No. .33, 14-20 Aug. 1989)

7 July 1989: Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture Japan

A video film of a diamond-shaped UFO, was taken as it first descended rapidly then suddenly changed directions and rose at a steep angle and at such a speed that it disappeared from several video frames. The photographer, Yasuhiko Hamazaki, also managed to get some close-up film of the object, which shows a Saturnshaped white object with a prominent ring encircling it in the horizontal plane (Figures 10:6 and 10-7) Optical physicist Dr Bruce Maccabee (whose report is available from the Fund forUFO Research) concluded that the object on the film could be acknowledged as a 'real UFO'. (Dr Richard Haines, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 263, March 1990; Japan Times, Tokyo, 23 Sept. 1989)

12 July 1989: Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Two witnesses reported a cone-shaped object that kept pace with their car. It was 'lit up like a Christmas tree' with different colours and seemed to be rotating anticlockwise. When they stopped their car for a better look, the object shot off at fantastic speed. Four other witnesses reported sightings of the same object (Figure 10:8) (Ron West, East Anglian UFO & Paranormal Research Association)

16 July 1989: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

A security supervisor claimed to have observed an illuminated oblong-shaped object, the length of a football field, with a large window on one side, at 1.30 a.m. The object had a grayish metallic back end and was moving at about 20 m.p.h. The witness got a good view of the object for nearly five minutes, and managed to alert his wife before it picked up speed and disappeared in a streak of light. (Greg Barrett, Hilton Head News, Hilton Head Island South Carolina, 20 July 1989)

22 July 1 989: Swans Island, Maine, USA

Two pilots flying over Blue Hill Bay claimed to have seen a UFO in the vicinity of Swans Island or Bass Harbor.' I've got 4,500 hours flying time as a commercial pilot and I've never seen anything like this during the day,' said Randy Rhodes, who was flying with a lawyer friend, Bill Rieff, when the two sighted the object at about 3.00 p.m. They described it as a metallic, oblongshaped disk which moved extremely quickly in one direction,

stopped, then moved again. The object appeared to be about 25 miles away. No military or civilian planes were in the area at the time. (Polly Saltonstall, Times, Bar Harbor, Maine, 3 Aug. 1989)

8 August 1989: McGuire Nuclear Plant, North Carolina, USA

At about 2.30 p.m., Paul Moore observed a reddish-brown, triangular object at an estimated height of 1,000 feet, which then dived to about 300 feet above the ground and headed towards the McGuire nuclear sub-station. (Lincolnton Times-News, 6 Sept. 1989)

9/10 August 1989: Clacton-on-Sea/Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, and Margate, Kent, UK

At midnight, two witnesses saw a very large round object, about 200 feet in diameter, with blue, green, and red lights spinning in an anticlockwise direction, which seemed to be made of a dark metallic material. No noise could be discerned as the object hovered at a height of about 150 feet. Suddenly, it shot out to sea at tremendous speed.

A woman in Leigh-on-Sea, driving home at midnight, was astonished when 'this huge round object shot right across my view. It was approximately 200-250 feet across and the same distance up, and had blue, green, and red lights spinning anticlockwise'. The object crossed the Thames Estuary and headed towards Kent.

Three other witnesses reported a similar object in Leigh-on-Sea at the same time. At 1 30 a.m. on 10 August, two students near Margate, Kent claimed to have witnessed a UFO descending into a cornfield, making a low humming sound, and to have found two circles in the corn. This incident now appears to have been a hoax. [See Chapter 1, and Plate 1: 10.] (Ron West, East Anglian UFO & Paranormal Research Association)

23 August 1989: Gulf Breeze, Florida

Two women observed a 'silver or white' delta-shaped object (estimated 70 feet per side) pass low and almost directly overhead.

On the leading apex was a globe or cluster of white lights, 12-16 feet in diameter. Globes or clusters of red were at the other a apexes. Three lights - one white the others red - followed closely behind. After trying to follow the object in their car, the women drove to a friend's home, where they saw the same or similar object and lights pass by. (Carol and Rex Salisberry, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 260, Dec. 1989)

31 August 1989: Trumbull, Connecticut, USA

Two witnesses saw 'small white lights in what appeared to be a triangular shape, moving very slowly 'and making a low humming sound. It stood motionless for about a minute, followed one witness's car, and then disappeared in an easterly direction (Ellen Beveridge, Times, Trumbull, Connecticut, 7 Sept. 1989)

11 September 1989: Near Pickeral Lake Kalamazoo County, Michigan. USA

Alerted by the barking of numerous dogs, two fishermen noticed a cross-shaped object, with four rows of red lights along with many tubes and pipes lining the underside. Its length was estimated at 250 feet. and it had broad stubby 'wings' near the front (c.f. with Figures 10:2). As it neared the witnesses at tree-top level, the vehicle halted and hovered, and a low hum/whistle could be heard.

One of the men ran and stood directly under it for about forty seconds, sensing warmth. The object then glided away, and the witnesses followed in their truck. After a few miles, the object reversed and again approached. The men stopped and began flashing their headlights, at which point the object made a smooth turn and headed out of sight at high speed. (Shirley & George Coyne. MUFON UFO Journal, No. 262, Feb. 1990)

12 September 1989: Pensacola, Florida, USA

Thirty-five witnesses, including twelve investigators for the Mutual UFO network (MUFON) sighted an elliptical, red, glowing object in the sky, which hovered for several minutes and then began to ascend toward the east. Thc object entered cloud cover but could still be seen. Seven minutes into the sighting the red object was no longer visible, but a white object was then seen ten degrees further to the west which moved swiftly toward the west before disappearing. Ed Walters, the well-known witness who has photographed many U F Os in nearby Gulf Breeze, was the only person who had a camera, and he took two shots with a small 110 camera. (Sentinel, Gulf Breeze, Florida, 21 Sept. 1989)

21-29 September 1989: Voronezh, USSR

A series of extraordinary sightings, including landings by aliens', was reported worldwide. (See Chapter 3)

9 October 1 989: Melbourne, Australia

At 9.15 p.m. two witnesses driving in Melbourne encountere an orange-red object, about twenty feet in diameter, at ground level near some power lines. From a hover position, the object climbed into the sky, flew over the car and disappeared from view over a hill. John Auchettl, of the Victorian UFO Research Society, noted unusual markings on the ground near where the UFO had been seen. Laboratory analysis of grass samples showed that the cells to the upper exposed side of the grass stems were dead, while those on the bottom side were still alive. Test conducted at Monash University showed, for example that yellowing of the grass and the surrounding organic material was caused by intense or massive amounts of ultraviolet radiation. (John Auchettl: 'The Churchill Park UFO Encounter/Ground Ring Summary', The Australian UFO Bulletin, Victorian UFO Research Society, March 1990)

9 October 1989: Near Tunica, Mississippi, USA

A crop-duster pilot was flying to an assignment at 5.45 When he spotted an aluminium-coloured sphere, estimated 1 300 feet or more in diameter, rapidly approaching from distance The object passed diagonally and below his plane: estimated 800-900 m p.h. at a half-mile or greater distance.: (James Scarborough, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 264, 1990)

10 October 1989 Memphis/Clarksdale, Tennessee, USA

Pilot Bill Kimmel reported that while flying between Clarksdale and Memphis he observed a round, metallic UFO which kept changing colours and was moving at 800-900 m.p.h. 3,000 feet off his left wing. 'There was no way it was a weather balloon because no balloon can travel that fast,' he commented. (Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, 12 Oct. 1989)

13 October 1989: Near Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada

At 10 20 a m Rose Neumeier was surprised by a flash of light at her farm home Looking out of the window she saw an oblong-shaped, silver object hovering soundlessly above the garage. The light she had seen had apparently come from a bright silver band around the middle of the object. The object then moved off to the north, paused and then returned to hover over the barn. After a few seconds it took o?? and disappeared in almost an instant. A number of other sightings were reported in the area in mid-October. (George Bentley, Leader-Post, Regina, Saskatchewan 4 Nov. 1989)

14 October 1 989: San Marcos, San Diego, California, USA

Toward dusk, Jerry and Janet Clark noticed some red lights in the sky in 'an oval pattern'. Shortly afterwards, together with six other witnesses, the Clarks watched as a dark object passed silently over their heads, its perimeter lights turned off. 'It looked like boomerang, and it was massively huge, about the size of a football field,' Janet said. Twenty minutes later, a second, 'triangular' object passed over the Clark group, with six military jets in pursuit. Other sightings were reported in the immediate vicinity that night. (Brae Canlen, Reader, San Diego, California, 8 Feb. 1990)

23 October 1989: Delamere Forest, Cheshire, UK

At 7 - 15 p - m. an off-duty police officer and his family were driving past the forest, near the village of Alvenley, when they encountered a triangular object, covered with white red and blue lights, which hovered silently for two minutes then shot away. (Peter Hough, Northern UFO News, No. 142 April 1990)

24 October 1989: Northern Indiana, USA

A commercial airline crew in flight encountered a boomerang-shaped vehicle passing overhead at 6.15 a.m. A vertical beam of light shone downward from the underside of the object, which passed from view in thirty seconds. (Franklin Reams, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 264, April 1990)

26 October 1989: Mangotsfield, Bristol, UK

Simon Carter was walking along a main road at Mangotsfield at 12.45 a.m. when he suddenly became aware of two bright lights approaching, as bright as floodlights at a football ground As they passed within 150 feet, Mr Carter was able to make out a triangular-shaped object, as large as five articulated lorries. Both lights were on the underside and pointed towards the ground.

Although he could clearly see the object, the witness was amazed to observe that it was almost transparent. The UFO then moved away at less than 50 m. p. h., the lights suddenly increase in intensity until the whole structure was engulfed in the glow, and it suddenly disappeared. No sound could be heard throughout the observation. (Tony Dodd, Quest International, Vol. 9, No. 3, 1990)

Late October 1989: Kecskemet, Hungary

Hungarian Air Force pilots were followed during training flights by a 'strange, spherical, orange-coloured' object which did not show up on radar, the independent weekly Del-Kelet repoted days later, two soldiers on duty at the airport there saw a figure of fluorescent green about four feet tall who 'passed around a plane lifted one of his arms and created a cone-shaped light beam above his head, disappearing silently within seconds into a high-rising tunnel of light.' (Reuters, The Independent London 14 Nov. 1989) '

2 November 1989: Cwmtillery, Gwent, South Wales UK

Three boys, Lee Holt, Carl Jones, and Sidney McLoughlin claimed to have seen a UFO over Cwmtillery Lake at 5.30 p.m.

'We saw a bright light coming down the hillside 'said Lee 'It was really low in the sky, clipping the tops of the trees It circled above our heads several times, then flew off really quickly It was silver, disc-shaped, with a domed top and luminous lights about the size of a car, and it made no noise.' Inspector Brian Heal of the Abertillery police, was quoted as saying- 'We have to take any incident like this seriously and whatever it was the boys saw they were very scared by it.' (South Wales Argus, Newport 7 Nov. 1989)

3 November 1989: Whitefield, Manchester, UK

Two retired professional people saw a luminous, golden-coloured, cigar-shaped object - described as like a 'test-tube' - with a domed nose but a flatter, less defined 'end', which seemed to have a type of flickering and moving 'fluid' inside. (Michael Cookson, Northern UFO News, No. 141, Feb. 1990)

9 November 1989: Leningrad, USSR

A shining rectangular-shaped object, apparently metallic, was seen flying swiftly at very low level above the Prospect Posveshenia by P. A. Stibel. (Supplied by Nikolai Lebedev)

18 November 1989: Torquay, Devon, UK

A witness encountered a cylindrical-shaped, fluorescent object, possibly 100 feet in length, hovering about 200 feet above the sea, fifty yards from the beach, at 7.50 a.m. (Torquay Herald Express, 22 Nov. 1989)

20 November 1989: Tarnaszentmaria, Hungary

Following a number of strange occurrences at the Tarnaszentmaria army barracks, beginning on 20 October, soldiers on guard duty noticed a cloud of red mist in the sky with curious flashing lights inside it, followed by a Saturn-shaped UFO, which floated over the barracks and disappeared over the forest. Two of the guards reported that they were illuminated briefly with a powerful beam of light which made them sick. Later that night Private Lajos Dioszegi reported seeing ten-foot-tall figures in the forest clearing facing the barracks. 'They were moving as if they were chess pieces,' he stated. 'All the animals in the barracks pigs, sheep and dogs - became frantic.' (Gabriel Ronay, The Times, London, 19 April 1990)

24 November 1989: Papa, Hungary

Meteorologists sighted four large, spherical, bright orange objects, approximately fifty metres in diameter. Gyula Bazso, from a meteorological station in Papa, western Hungary, reported that one of the objects flew at 2,625 m. p. h. He contacted the local military airbase which sent up a pilot, who located four objects at an altitude of about four miles. All the objects disappeared shortly after 2.00 a.m. on 25 November. (Shropshire Star, Wellington, 27 Nov. 1989)

29 November 1989: Eupen, Belgium

On two occasions, Sergeant-Majors Heinrich Nicoll and Hubert von Montigny of the Belgian police observed a triangular-shaped object with beams of light illuminating a field. Many other witnesses reported sightings that evening. (See Chapter 2)

2 December 1989: Butgenbach, Luxembourg

A young boy reported that he came so close to a UFO that he panicked and jumped into a canal to hide. At precisely the same time, witnesses nearby claimed to have seen four or five objects. (See Chapter 2)

7 December 1989: Miami, Florida, USA

Tony Arias, a night watchman at the Colonial Palms Shopping Center, claimed to have encountered a strange being, seven feet five inches tall, bald, with a 'big head and cat eyes', in the parking lot. According to police, Arias called at 4. 30 a. m. and officer Juan Santana responded. 'This sketch was provided by the reporter. We are not joking, this is what he drew. . . this is one of the weirdest reports I've ever read. 'In his official report [a copy of which is in my possession. - Ed.] Santana wrote: 'Upon my arrival an extensive search was conducted for the described ''thing'', with negative results. Reporter thinks he saw two other "things" with the first one.'' My first thought was that it was someone in some kind of scary costume,' said Sgt. Joe Wyche. 'But I just don't know. Whatever he saw shook him up enough to call us.' (Jon O'Neill, Miami Herald, 10 Dec. 1989)

8 December 1989: San Diego, California, USA

Two hospital secretaries saw unusual lights in the sky as they were driving southbound on Interstate 5. Pulling into a parking lot they watched the lights maneuvering over San Diego for half an hour. Suddenly the lights approached the witnesses, and a silvery-blue object passed silently over their pick-up truck. 'It was so close, if I'd had a gun, I could have shot at it,' said Martha (last name withheld). She described the object as an octagon with a V-shaped appendage on the back. Under the 'V' were three bright pulsating lights. (Brae Canlen, Reader, San Diego, California 8 Feb. 1990)

21 December 1989: Moscow, USSR

Many witnesses in Moscow reported seeing unexplainable glowing objects which suddenly appeared in the sky. Particularly interesting were reports from Arczimovich and Ostrovskiy streets, where for almost three and a half hours a giant glowing, rotating ellipse was seen. On its sides were sparkling red green and white small 'flames'. It was surrounded by a blurred twinkling cloud, and a glowing column came down, like a searchlight. The object move slowly over the streets sometimes changing direction.

'We contacted the Cheremuskinskiy Internal Affairs district's department and asked them to help ascertain what was happening,' the Trud correspondent reported. 'At 18.15, deputy chiefs of the 27th Department of the Militia, R. Sadretdinov and I. Nosov, departed for the Beliaevo underground station. They were surprised to see, over the Moscow ring road, a bright red sphere in the sky, flying in the direction of the Domodedovo airport.

'Militia men tried to overtake the object in cars, but the UFO behaved as if it was aware of this, sometimes moving quickly to the left or right, sometimes remaining stationary. The pursuit continued until the village of Sosenki, approximately twenty kilometres from the ring road. Eventually the object disappeared. It will be left to the scientists to explain what it was . . .' (Trud, Moscow, 22 Dec. 1989, supplied and translated by Nikolai Lebedev)

22 December 1989: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

Aviation expert Peter Halliday and his wife claimed to have seen a disk-shaped aircraft speed across the sky at 11.42 a.m. 'I know what I saw was no aircraft or weather balloon or a satellite . . . it was definitely a UFO,' he said. (Bucks Free Press, High Wycombe, 29 Dec. 1989)

8 January 1990: Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

Brenda Pollak and eight other witnesses observed this black disk hovering for about fifteen minutes (Figure 10: 9). (Sentinel, Gulf Breeze, Florida, 18 Jan. 1990)

9 January 1990: Skipton, Yorkshire, UK

At 6.30 p.m. John Sharp was walking his dog along a county lane on the outskirts of Skipton when his attention was drawn to a pulsating, pale yellow light approaching from the south. As it came closer, Mr Sharp was able to clearly see that it was triangular shape with a single tail-fin at the rear. He said the object was about twenty feet across at its widest point.

As it passed overhead it banked and turned, at an estimated speed of below 50 m.p.h. The object appeared to be black, and the only light visible was of the pale yellow colour, pulsating on half of the underside. The only noise was a 'swish', presumably from displaced air. The UFO then gained height as it approached nearby hills and eventually went out of sight (Figure 10: 10). (Tony Dodd, Quest International, Vol. 9, No. 3, 1990)

10 January 1990: Near Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China

At 9.10 p.m., two People's Liberation Army soldiers encountered a black disk which followed them in their jeep for about half an hour. When the soldiers stopped, the object also stopped in the air, then circled and disappeared after the men shouted at it. (See Chapter 6)

20 January 1990: Boyle, Mississippi, USA

A man driving home observed a slow-moving silvery object at tree-top height. A crease in the surface near the rounded top was the only variation in an otherwise cone-shaped exterior. Two rows of numerous lights, each in a blue-blue-green pattern (see Figure 10: 11 ), shone steadily. One row was situated near the base, the other along the perimeter of the flat bottom. The object picked up speed and paced just above and in front of the car for two to three miles, repeatedly moving left and right to avoid larger trees along the roadside. Abruptly the ear's engine, lights, and instruments died. The witness pulled to a halt and watched as the object continued down the road, then executed a smooth turn and climbed out of sight. He was then able to restart the engine. (James Scarborough, MUFON UFO Journal, No. 264, April 1990)

31 January 1990: Halifax, Pennsylvania, USA

Driving to Harrisburg at 6. 30 p. m., Donna an Tom Rode encountered a strange object, shaped like a 'sting-ray' with three lights one blinking. The object had no fuselage and Donna (who knows about aircraft) estimated that it was much larger than Boeing 747 and flying at about 10-15,000 feet. Ten minutes later the object went out of sight in a northerly direction. (Lori Schoffstall, Sentinel, Dauphin, Pennsylvania, 20 Feb. 1990)

27 February 1990: Bartley Green Reservoir, Birmingham, UK

Two witnesses encountered a hovering UFO at about 3. 00 p.m., and a photograph was taken (Plate 10:1). I have spoken and corresponded with the photographer, Peter Woolaway, who seems sincere.

4 March 1990: Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA

Captain Gerald Costa and three other crew members, returning home after a two-day trip aboard a scalloper, saw an unidentifiable spherical object next to the Wood End lighthouse at about 11.30 p.m. The object was described as 'completely round', grey in colour, 'about thirty feet high by thirty feet wide' with 'a lot of windows' that ringed the top half of the craft. Costa said that the then heard four booms and saw what he thought were four more objects taking off from Long Point, at an estimated speed of 1,000 m. p. h. (Peter Steele, Advocate, Provincetown, Massachusetts 15 March 1990)

21 March 1990: Moscow, USSR

According to the Chief of the General Staff of Air Defence Forces, Colonel Igor Maltsev, a disk-like UFO with a diameter of 100-200 metres and a speed two or three times that of jet fighters was seen and tracked on radar at a height of from 1,000-7,000 metres. Lt-Col A. Semenchuk approached and flew above the object in an interceptor jet. (Lt-Col M. Zaharchuk, Workers Tribune, 19 April 1990 translated by Nikolai Lebedev)

6 April 1990: Ulyanovsk, USSR

Soviet pilots, air-traffic controllers and hundreds of residents in the Volga city of Ulyanovsk saw a UFO hovering above the city between 8.30 and 9 p.m. The object reportedly looked like a blue- green ball, and seemed to be larger than the apparent size of the moon. (Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado, 16 April 1990)

14 April 1990: Southend, Essex, UK

Eight people in the Southend area reported seeing a large, red-coloured object which 'waggled' in flight, was saucer-shaped and about 40 feet in diameter, at an estimated height of 500 feet and speed of 1,000 m.p.h. (Yellow Advertiser, Colchester, 27 April 1990) (Further details available from the East Anglian UFO & Paranormal Association)

21-22 April 1990: Rome, Italy

Phone lines to police, radio and TV stations were jammed for two hours as hundreds of witnesses, including pilots, report seeing a 'kind of luminous ball that left smoke in its trail' over Rome. Air force jets were sent in pursuit, but failed to catch the UFO, which vanished in a puff of smoke. (Rocky Mountain News, Denver, Colorado, 30 April and Daily Star, London, 23 April 1990)