The Morgan Curve, history in the making!

So what is “The Morgan Curve“?

Well, it is the discovery of a lifetime. Most people know about the Face on Mars, and most think it is a joke. However, that could not be further from the truth.

In December 1988 Goddard Space Flight Center had asked Richard C. Hoagland to speak to the scientist and engineers about what they had discovered to that point in time on the area known as Cydonia on Mars. In September Nightline, with Ted Koppel had done a show about Mars, and I had provided them with articles from the New York Times, in 1924, about how we were listening for signals from Mars. I also provided them with the book “The Monuments of Mars” by Richard C. Hoagland, which from that point on Hoagland has included me in each edition as well as his “Dark Mission” book. Ted used images from Richard’s book on the air as he asked the Ex-Administrator of NASA, Thomas Paine about the Face, and then the 5-sided pyramid. Afterward, Ted credited Hoagland’s book as the source of the images. I then decided to write to Richard through his publisher, letting him know his book was used and credited on Nightline. The next thing I know Hoagland is contacting me at ABC. He told me about the Goddard invitation, but also the rumor that NASA was trying to pull the rug out from under it. That’s when I decided to inform Leo Meidlinger, a World News producer and a good friend. He told me to keep him informed, which I did. When Hoagland’s people put out a press release about the briefing, reporters started calling NASA asking about it. Then NASA contacted Richard and assured him that the briefing was still on. That’s when I let Leo know, and he got an ABC camera crew assigned to be at Goddard.

“And today, NASA held a briefing about Mars.”

Richard had invited me out to Goddard for the briefing, and he had sent me a copy of Dr. Mark Carlotto’s 3D Shape from Shading animation of the Face. Mondays were my day off, back then, so being at Goddard would not be a problem. So now, I’m sitting in a packed auditorium with scientists, engineers and people standing around the walls. The only things missing were the professional camera crews, including the one Leo got assigned from ABC News. There were two non-professional cameras video taping this, and that was it. I later found out Richard had asked independent videotographers to shoot the briefing. Goddard had earlier promised Richard they would record it for him for that day, but then that very day they told him they couldn’t record it. If Richard had taken Goddard at their word then there would not have been a visual record of the briefing.  Erol Torun, a cartographer and geomorphologist, with the Defense Mapping Agency, Dr. Mark Carlotto, and Richard C. Hoagland were the guest speakers. Erol had  performed the math on the 5-sided pyramid. He discovered that by dividing the angles within the D&M Pyramid by one another they worked out to known mathematical constants to 3 decimal places. Dr. Carlotto’s 3D shape from shading showed the Face and other structures remained the same even from various angles. Richard had given Dr. Carlotto’s 3D animation to a NASA employee to have it duplicated, only to find out that the employee had vanished along with the tape. Richard search Goddard and luckily found the tape sitting on the ERASE shelf waiting to be erased. Wait! didn’t these people erase the original moon landing tapes, or did they? So now I get home, feeling let down by my own network, and I turn on the TV and I hear Dan Rather, who I have met, say “And today, NASA held a briefing about Mars.” At that point, I was confused because there were no media cameras at Goddard. I then discovered that the scenes were from the National Press Club in downtown Washington DC.  What had taken place was that NASA had sent out a press release that very day, announcing a briefing about Mars at the National Pres Club. So everyone who had confirmed with Hoagland’s people, that they would have reporters there, turned around and went down to the National Press Club, including my ABC camera crew. I knew then that this was an Egg-Head maneuver to get the media away from that briefing so they could pick this man’s mind and not risk anyone seeing the truth about Mars.

A Discovery is Made By Accident

Now that I knew the lengths NASA would go through to keep this quiet, I decided to tell the President, Vice President of CapCities/ABC, and head of ABC News (Roone Arledge), that we were duped by NASA. As part of the letters, I wasn’t to send a copy of the orthographically corrected photo by Dr. Mark Carlotto. When I placed this multiple grayscale photo in the copy machine, the copy came out black and white, and no grayscale at all. I looked at that copy and realized I couldn’t use it, but then I saw that all the pyramidal structures were white. This was because, if you ever looked at a reflector with a magnifying glass you will see a bunch of pyramid shapes, because of regardless of the angle of the light, it gets reflects backup the apex of the pyramid, or skyward in this case. Even the smaller structures that had been blended into the grayscale, suddenly stood out like gangbusters. That’s when I noticed that there was a pattern of these smaller structures or mounds. If I played connect the dots, they formed a perfect half a circle. I then noticed that the spacing between the mounds was doubling in their spacing as they went out in this curve. In other words, the distance between the first and second mounds doubled between the second and third, and the distance between the Second and third doubled between the third and the forth. However, the distance between the third and fourth did not double between the forth and the fifth. Now I started to doubt my own finding, but then I realized if you skipped the fifth mound, the distance between the forth and sixth mound was exactly double that of the third and the forth. So why didn’t the fifth fit the exponential pattern?  I then noticed that if you followed the path from the sixth mound through the forth with the same spacing as the forth and sixth mounds, you come to another mound at that exact same distance. If you connect those 3, then you have a ray across the curve.  I sent the letter without the picture, or mention of my discovery, to the heads of CapCities/ABC and I received a response from Roone Arledge saying, “We’ll keep an eye on it for a future story.” Which nothing ever came about.

So now I see Erol Torun at the Nation Press Club during one of Richard Hoagland’s press conferences. I show him the Curve and he wants to figure out what curve this could be. Richard calls me and says, “You need to talk to Erol, you found something.” I call Erol and he explains that he had several curves he could have worked with to see if they would fit, but he decided to try the Logarithmic Function of e’ Curve. He said, “I laid my graph down over the area, and everything fell into place.” Not only was the curve there, but the X-axis and Y-axis were also plotted in these mounds. I immediately thought there is no way he could have made this up because I had found the majority of the mounds. I was able to take my ruler and mark out the same X-axis, and Y-axis as he had done. I hadn’t thought about the X and Y axis when I found the curve, but now I knew why that fifth mound did not fit the exponential spacing, as it was a part of the Y-axis.

In 1994 when I sent an Email to all the Mars investigators along with a crudely drawn Harvard Graphics rendition of the curve, Dr. Stanley McDaniel Professor of Philosophy Emeritus and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Sonoma State University, coined it “The Morgan Curve.” Dr. Horace Crater calculated that the odds of these arranging themselves in nature this way was one in a million. If he had known about the 45-degree angle he would have placed those odds at one in a billion.

I created an animation, with the help of a graphic artist at ABC, showing the curve and how the mounds are spaced exponentially using angles. That’s when I discovered the 45-degree angle which takes the odds of this through the roof. Hoagland mentions the curve in “The Monuments of Mars” by saying, “We are looking at the curve.” Since NASA had no idea what the curve was they had no reason to avoid taking a high-resolution photo across the large pyramid structure that the curve starts out from around. What you see in this image are ridges or humps that run down the side of the large pyramid (Overlay) and out to connect to each of the first three mounds which make up the Morgan Curve. By the way, these mounds can be seen in the original NASA photo with the salt and pepper noise, but the measurements don’t work in that photo as it is not orthographically corrected as was Dr. Mark Carlotto’s image. Dr. Carlotto works for TASC, and they do LandSat images and with the help of Mert Davis of Rand Corporation, Dr. Carlotto was able to plug the numbers into his LandSat algorithm and orthographically correct the Cydonia image. When you have taken a picture from that high up, the curvature of the planet and the curvature of the lens distorts the geometry of the image and it must be orthographically corrected through the process of Orthorectification.

19.5-degrees, Circumscribed Tetrahedral Geometry

When making the animation, the first angle created by moving a copy of the ray to the center of the third mound is 19.5-degrees dead on center, but I had the artist move it .5-degrees further to make it 20 degrees. If you notice the mounds, the first is almost perfectly circular, the second is slightly oval, and the third is clearly oval, and actually looks exactly like the one at the end of the ray. At 20-degrees the copy of the ray still falls on the third mound. So why is 19.5-degrees so important? Because on every planetary body, including the Sun, there is some geophysical anomaly going on at that latitude. For example, on Jupiter, it is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. Which is not a hurricane due to convection currents. On Neptune, it’s Neptune’s Great Dark Spot. On Venus, it’s the largest shielded Volcano. On Mars, it’s Olympus Mons, the largest shielded Volcano. Of course, everyone wants to know where it is here on Earth. It’s the largest shielded Volcano in Hawaii which is coming up out of the middle of a tectonic plate, and not along the edge like most all Volcanoes do. Saturn doesn’t have a spot on it, but it does have a perfect band of clouds that go around at that latitude north and south. However, in 1990 a storm started to rage on Saturn. Can you guess at what latitude?

So now NASA is scratching their heads and butts trying to figure out why this is happening. So I pick up the phone and call the man who won the Angstrom Medal for “Excellence in Science”, Richard C. Hoagland, and I asked him, “So why is this happening?” He replied, “Because most likely all the moons are lined up on one side of the planet.”  So I open my program called “Dance of the Planets”, enter the date that this started, and zoom in on Saturn. And as he had said, all the moons except for one were lined up on one side of the planet. The gravitational influence of the moons causes the energy to form into a vortex, but Saturn’s moons are so far away they have very little effect until they line up. Same with Neptune’s Great Dark Spot. It comes and goes as its moons align and misalign. Based on Circumscribed Tetrahedral Geometry, the energy in-wells at the pole and comes out at a latitude of 19.5. So where is the energy coming from? Hyper Dimensional space. Mathematicians have calculated that there are at least 25 other dimensions out there. They say a key signature of one dimension folding into another will yield a hexagonal pattern. What do we find around the pole of Saturn? A perfect hexagonal cloud pattern. The clouds are moving in the opposite direction of the rotation of the planet at over 300 miles an hour, and go to the corners of the hexagonal and they turn. There is nothing in our physics that can explain this, so NASA says nothing. The Sun is not a fusion reactor, but a hyperdimensional shunt. I am willing to bet that if we could look at the poles of the Sun, we would see a hexagonal flame pattern. The key here is Rotating mass reaches into other dimensions and shunts energy across. The more mass the more energy is shunted across. This is why Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are all putting out more energy than they are getting from the Sun. When Voyager was heading out to Neptune, Richard and Erol published on Compuserve their findings of what NASA should expect to find. Now, remember, NASA was saying officially that “when we get to Neptune, we are going to find a giant ball of frozen gas because the planet is so far away from the Sun that it is frozen solid!” Wrong, the planet was putting out 2.7 times more energy than it was getting from the Sun, it had clouds, and the fastest winds in the solar system at over 700 miles per hour, plus its Great Dark Spot. This was not a frozen solid planet, Doh! Hoagland and Torun had predicted the spot rotation direction, the magnetic field polarity, and a host of other things that they could not have guessed at when even NASA didn’t even have a clue unless the  Hyperdimensional Physics and Circumscribed Tetrahedral Geometry fit the science perfectly. Using this model you can go to any solar system in the universe and you will see these same characteristics play out again and again. Why? Because someone left the message at Cydonia telling us why. This is how the universe works, and if you understand it you can tap into it for a source of unlimited energy. I think embedded in this is the way to communicate vast distances by sending the signals through the folding of dimensions at the poles.

So what’s with the Face on Mars?

The face is where Alalu is buried. Who is Alalu? He is a former King of Nibiru, the son of a concubine of the King, and half brother to Annu. You know Alalu, as does probably 90% of the people on this planet do and are not aware. You know him on one or both levels. Add a syllable to the end of his name. Add IA at the end of his name. Do you recognize him now? ‘Alaluia’ or Alleluia, Hallelujah. Let’s take a syllable off his name? Do you recognize him again? Ala or Allah? Is it possible that Alleluia means Praise Alalu, as he was seen as a God by the early humans? How about his half brother Annu, son of the Queen and rightful heir to the thrown. Annunaki means “Annu Sent to Earth” those from heaven to earth came. Enki said, that he and his son Marduk stayed on the moon for one cycle charting the heavens, and at the end of the cycle Enki chose to name this cycle after his father Annu. What word do we have that means yearly, and sounds like Annu? Does Annual ring a bell? I think the clues have been in front of us all along and we can’t see them because we don’t want to.

NASA says the Face is a trick of light and shadow and then when they took a better picture in 2001, they said, “see there is nothing there.” However, they put the picture out upside down and no one saw the obvious. The other side of the face was a profile of a face, not a head-on view. Ask yourself, why is there a ridge right where an ear should be in alignment with the eye, just like on a real face? Face taken in 2001, (Face with Overlay)  Compare and determine for yourself if what you see is real or not. If there was truly nothing there then I should not be able to outline something with those many details. A Neck with curvature for the collar bone, Chin, Eye, Ear, forehead, and hairline. Now that you can see it you can tell when they put out the image upside down to hide the truth.

Now take into account all the coincidences of the Morgan Curve, the details of the right half of the face. The probability of all this being natural goes out the door 10 fold. We are not alone and never were, and the history of this planet is not what we have been told. We will know beyond doubt between 2022 and 2032.

8 thoughts on “The Morgan Curve, history in the making!”

    1. I guess we will find out over the next 10 to 15 years, if there is more to the possibility of there being a planet Nibiru. Babylon was one of the creations of the Anunnaki. The history of this planet is not what we think it is. Six thousand, to seven thousand, year-old tablets, dictated by an Anunnaki God, tells a slightly different story, but with similarities to what we have been taught. Our ancestors could not understand the technologies that they were exposed to back then. Today, however, we are suppose to know better.

      1. Babylon was built by Nimrod and not by Anunnaki. Also next time it is an idea to write the name under this article because I have been puzzling and I refer in my own paper to it, with author name “anonymous”. That sucks.

  1. Six circles, per euclidean geometry, circumnavigate a center circle of same diameter. These may be the sub vortices that appear as a hexagon on the pole(s?) of Saturn. This phenomona also somewhat appears aroung our Antarctic

    1. Good observation Scott. Now that we can see the pole of Jupiter, we see 6 vortices evenly spaced around the pole and if you connect their centers with straight lines, what do you get? A hexagonal. Do you think, maybe there is something to this message? So, does the Sun have 6 vortices like Jupiter? Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is shrinking, but is most likely because its moons are aligning in such away that their gravitational influences are being nullified, and thus reducing causing the spot to shrink. At some point the moons will realign and the spot will again increase. However, with Jupiter’s size it might be decades before we see this shrinking reverse.

  2. Search for this sentence, it’s miss written. I think it should say “you came to another mound”.

    I then noticed that if you followed the path from the sixth mound through the forth with the same spacing as the forth and sixth mounds, you can to another mound at that exact distance.

    Thanks for telling this story. The history of earth and other planets is being kept from us wrongly and probably for selfish reasons.

    1. Yes, that should be “…you come to another mound at that exact distance.” Thanks Curtis, I will correct that.

  3. Brilliant work, Keith. The ultimate summation of this entire Cydonia work is I believe, “someone left the message at Cydonia telling us why. This is how the universe works, and if you understand it you can tap into it for a source of unlimited energy. I think embedded in this is the way to communicate vast distances”. And I must also note that you are an excellent historian. These details must not be forgotten, you have done very well in this regard! Thanks.

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