A Waste of Water!

After working at ABC News for 30 years, and watching News spots going to our affiliates in other states, and not one going national, I came to realize that what is good for the nation is never reported on nationally, only locally.  The truth is never reported to everyone, just those local to the event or the discovery.  An example: About 20 years ago Stan Myers was interviewed by his local ABC TV station in Ohio. He had come up with a way to convert water to hydrogen using very little current. I saw the spot coming through the Washington bureau as it was replayed to Ohio. He had come up with a way to retrofit your car to run on water for about $1,500. He calculated he could drive from LA to New York on 22 gallons of water. He setup a $70 million contract with the Pentagon to build a tank that would run on gas or water. Today you find him being dismissed in Wikipedia as a con-artist trying to bilk investors. Which is not true and only disinformation. Then there is Denny Klein’s electrolysis process. He was on a spot to his local FOX affiliate in Clear Water Florida. He drove 100 miles on 4 ounces of water. Here is another great technology to remove our dependence on Gas and Oil hidden from the nation. Next there is John Kanzius, as reported on by WKYZ channel 3, a NBC Affiliate. He had an idea for curing caner, which 60 minutes did a spot on, but never talked about his other discovery. He discovered that by hitting salt water with a radio frequency the molecular bound released and the properties of a paper towel would cause the released gases to ignite with a flame of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, without the paper towel ever burning. Even the Japanese inventor of the floppy disk has an electrolysis process to convert water to hydrogen with very little energy. Now there are guys with motorcycles doing almost the exact same thing on YouTube.

So what does this all mean?

It means we can run this entire world on water, with no pollution at all. When you burn hydrogen you get water vapor. No Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, or any other pollutants, just water vapor. People say, “Well, isn’t gasoline more powerful than hydrogen?” No, gasoline is a hydrocarbon, which contains hydrogen, and is 1/10th the power of straight hydrogen. You have others who say, “If we have all these fuel cell vehicles dripping water everywhere it will add to global warming”. No, even if every man, woman, and child on the planet drove 100 miles on 4 ounce of water a day, it would not be equivalent to how much water you would get from one serious downpour of rain in an hour. Besides, which is harder, trying to remove pollutants from smoke, or collecting water vapor, cooling it off so it condenses back into water, and putting that water back into the system? Ask yourself, what do we need first and foremost to live? (Water) So why are we producing gas and oil, which we can’t use except for our machines, plastics, asphalts, etc… We can’t water our plants and animals with it. But when you have people thinking much like this reply, to my suggestion that we pump water from the ocean, desalinate it for drinking, irrigation, and fuel, “What if we use up all the water in the ocean.”, you have to wonder why people accept the dogma spouted by those who don’t want this technology out there. I responded with, “What did I tell you we get when we burn hydrogen? Water vapor, which is clouds, which rain back down. You couldn’t use up all the water in the ocean if you tried. The amount of oil in the world is a drop in the bucket compared to all the oceans’ water. A complete clean, renewable, endless source of energy, and we are not using it.”  Look at California, they have been in a drought situation for 4 years now, and they are just now starting their desalination stations back up. Oh yea, there is a guy that has a technique that takes desalination from 40% efficiency to 80 or 90%, just by taking the pressure of the system back into itself.

Wouldn’t the car manufacturers have done this long ago if it could have been done?

I came into work early one day at ABC News. GM had two fuel cell vehicles out front, and “Ahead of the Curve”, one of ABC’s shows, was doing a spot on them. So I got to talk to the guy from GM.

I said, ” So what did you guys do to these things?”

He said, “We took out the Engine, dropped in an electric motor, put in a 75 kilowatt fuel cell and a tank to hold the hydrogen.

I looked at him and said, “Do you know about Stan Myers?”

He said, “Yea!”

I said, “Denny Klein?”

He said, Yea!”

I said, “John Kanzius!!?”

He said, “Well, that name doesn’t strike a bell.”

I said, ” The man woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for curing cancer.”

He said, “Oh yea, the guy burning saltwater with radio frequencies. Yea, I know about him.”

I said, “Well if you know about them, then that means GM knows about them, so why are these running on hydrogen instead of water?”

He said sarcastically, “Oh Conspiracy theorist!”

I said, “No, every word that comes out of my mouth is fact!”

He said, “Well, you know people come to us with these ideas and concepts and it takes time to implement them.”

I said, “How hard it is to get a bunch of brains together and go let make this work?!”

Wouldn’t you know it, about 2 weeks, or a month later, a Japanese company introduced their fuel cell vehicle. You drive at 50 miles an hour, for one hour on a litter of water. You pour your water into your electrolysis device, the hydrogen goes to the fuel cell and off you go. Isn’t this what I was telling the guy from GM? This isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense. What’s wrong with the concept, where you are driving down the road, and it starts to rain, and louvers on your car open up, and you start filling your car back up. What’s wrong with that? What about Joesph Newman’s invention? Where do we draw the line?

As with any story there is more details, but for now this will get the comments flowing.  In the “Alternate Energy” section of “What’s new in Technology“, you will find links to most of what I have mentioned above. Look for yourselves and determine if what you think you know, is really all you know.

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