About The Web Master

This is the background of Keith Morgan, web master of Multilevel Planes of Infinity.

I retired in 2011 from ABC News after 30 years as an Electronics Technician. My job was to maintain all electronic equipment used to produce television shows. I mainly worked with Nightline and Ted Koppel.

I am the discoverer of what has been coined “The Morgan Curve” on Mars. This discovery is the result of NASA manipulating the media away from a lecture at Goddard Space Flight Center in 1988. This discovery mathematically proves the Face and other structures in the Cydonia region are artificial.

I can be found in Richard C. Hoagland’s book “The Monuments of Mars, A City on the Edge of Tomorrow”. I’m also have mention in Graham Hancock’s “The Mars Mystery”, Dr. Stanley McDaniel’s “The McDaniel Report”, and Richard C. Hoagland’s “Dark Mission”.


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